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Ivy League Sports Memorabilia

1930’s Yale University Football Pennant

ITEM 1: 1930’s Yale University Football Pennant. The offered vintage football pennant is a very uncommon design. Featured on a blue felt background, is a nicely detailed bulldog graphic along with a vintage football that is flying past the word Yale! Great item for the Yale University alum or the Ivy League collector. Amazing, solid NR-MT condition! SOLD

1950’s Princeton University Carter Hoffman College Mascot

ITEM 2: 1950’s Princeton University Carter Hoffman College Mascot. Representing the Tigers of the University of Princeton, this is a hand carved, wooden mascot done by Carter Hoffman. The condition is exceptional NR-MT! SOLD

1907 University of Cornell Football Pillow Cover by F. Earl Christy

ITEM 3: 1907 University of Cornell Football Pillow Cover by F. Earl Christy. This exceptional piece of Ivy League College memorabilia comes in the form of a silk pillow cover which features a Cornell football player and his sweetheart perched on top a plump melon style football. A great looking vintage football item. It measures approximately 25"x 25" and would be suitable for framing or to be stuffed and displayed as a pillow. These wonderful graphics will add great color and eye appeal to your vintage football collection! the condition is EX-MT. SOLD

19th Century Yale – Princeton Football Print by A. B. Frost

ITEM 4: 19th Century Yale – Princeton Football Print by A. B. Frost. This fantastic piece of vintage football memorabilia features two of the greatest football clubs during the 1800's. Yale and Princeton, along with Harvard and Penn were significantly influential on how the game of football is played today. This gorgeous multi-color litho print does a wonderful job of depicting the class, style and attitude of football during this era, as the two teams collide in a struggle of wills. This antique football treasure has been professionally matted but remains in it's original oak frame that measures 18"x 22". A superb old item for any vintage football memorabilia collector. The condition is EX-MT. SOLD

1905-10 Harvard Baseball Water Pitcher Complete Set by F. Earl Christy

ITEM 5: 1905-10 Harvard Baseball Water Pitcher Complete Set by F. Earl Christy. World famous illustrator, F. Earl Christy has produced some of the finest sports images from the Edwardian Era. Christy focused almost exclusively on Ivy league schools and with his flare for the Gibson Girl he often included ladies in his sports artwork. This particular water pitcher set glorifies baseball at Harvard University. Each of the five pieces features a wonderful baseball image on the front and the Harvard University crest on the reverse. Outstanding! SOLD

1897 Yale Football Team Photo by Pach Bros.

ITEM 6: 1897 Yale Football Team Photo by Pach Bros. This is a fabulous vintage football photograph. It measures 8"x 10" and is on the high quality stock that is typical of Pach Bros. photography. The image is terrific showing high collar football sweaters and jerseys, lace-up vests, quilted pants, etc... A great item for the Yale football collector. The condition is excellent. SOLD

Early 1900’s Harvard Football Pillow Cover done by F. Earl Christy

ITEM 7: Early 1900’s Harvard Football Pillow Cover done by F. Earl Christy. The offered vintage football item is just one of those incredible, eye-dazzling items! You don't have to be a Harvard alum or know anything about the game of football to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of this fine piece of artwork. This special tribute to Harvard football comes in the form of a pillow cover that measures 22"x 22". The image was created by the famous F. Earl Christy who illustrated hundreds of fine pieces relating to all subjects. A great item for the Harvard alum, Ivy League collector, or any vintage football collector! The condition is solid NR-MT to MINT! SOLD

1910 S23 College “Yell” Silks

ITEM 8: 1910 S23 College “Yell” Silks, all grade NR-MT. West Virginia Baseball - $250, University of Pennsylvania Football - SOLD, Cornell Rowing - SOLD, and Yale Bulldog Mascot - SOLD

1930’s Harvard University Baseball Cap

1896 Boston Style cap
ITEM 9: This is a 1930’s Harvard University Baseball Cap. This exceptional piece of vintage baseball equipment comes in the form of a maroon wool cap with the letter "H" sewn onto the front in white felt. The cap remains in wonderful condition and grades solid EX-MT. A great addition to any vintage baseball collection and a "must-have" item for the Harvard alum! SOLD

1900-05 Ladies in Sports Oversized Postcard Set

ITEM 10: 1900-05 Ladies in Sports Oversized Postcard Set. This is an exceedingly rare set of vintage sports postcards. Each postcard in the set features a beautiful lady playing a different sport. The ladies are in the style of the Gibson Girl. Baseball is Cornell with the lady holding a vintage bat and webless baseball glove. The Harvard beauty is holding a melon style football. Golf is represented by a Princeton gal with an antique leather golf bag and clubs. And finally, the lady from Penn is clutching a vintage tennis racket. The color and beauty of these cards are magnificent. They would be a stunning addition of color, if framed and displayed in any vintage sports collection! SOLD

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