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Ivy League Sports Memorabilia

Antique Football Pennant - Princeton 1900-1910

ITEM 1: Pictured above is a Princeton Football Pennant which dates to the era of 1900-1910. This handsome pennant features a wonderfully detailed image of the Princeton Tiger on a black felt background. Measuring 33 inches, it is to be considered oversized! An exceptional antique football pennant from Princeton University which remains in exceptional EX-MT condition. An awesome display piece for the Princeton alum or vintage football collector! SOLD

1934 Princeton Football Sweater - Jersey from Princeton Grad

ITEM 2: Offered here is a very scarce 1934 Princeton University Football sweater. This wonderful antique football sweater is dated 1934 on the front in orange felt numbers, the sweater itself is black wool. A bit of interesting history is that it came from the estate of Dr. Hascall who attended Princeton then graduated from Harvard School of Medicine. The maker is American from Honesdale, PA, the tag also reads hand loom knit and 100% pure wool. A perfect item for the Princeton alum or Ivy League football collector. The condition is beautiful EX-MT. SOLD

19th Century Harvard Football Cigar Box

ITEM 3: Here is a wonderful 19th Century Harvard Cigar Box with Football Player Graphics. This fantastic piece of vintage football memorabilia features many images of a Harvard football player wearing the classic high turtleneck style sweater- jersey. The cigar makers are identified as H. Traiser & Company - Boston. The box is an uncommon size, measuring 2 1/4"x 5"x 8". The condition is EX-MT with a fine patina and great overall appearance. Antique football memorabilia always adds a nice touch and looks great displayed among vintage sports equipment! SOLD

1900's Harvard Football Blanket - Fatima Tobacco Premium

ITEM 4: Here we offer a 1900’s Harvard Football, Fatima Tobacco Premium. This wonderful Harvard Football item is super rare and is a must have for your vintage football display! Featured are the Harvard University Seal, a Harvard pennant, and a period football player in all the garb - quilted pants, jersey with sewn on shoulder pads, carrying a plump melon football... This piece is huge and of exceptional quality for a premium. Probably because back in the day, in order to acquire it, you had to collect 50 or 100 regular Fatima Tobacco pack premiums and then be willing to send them in for this premium! An exceptional vintage Harvard football item... it measures 14”x 25 and is of fine quality. It will look great framed! SOLD

1904 Harvard Football Sweater - Jersey

vintage-football-ken-wel-1920s.jpg vintage-football-ken-wel-1920s.jpg
ITEM 5: Here we are offering a very rare and desirable piece of Harvard Football memorabilia. This antique football sweater originates from an estate in Massachusetts where it has survived in amazingly superb condition for the last 110+ years! This style of sweater - jersey was worn for both practice and games and typically they are found in well worn condition, but this example is solid EX-MT. Additionally, it is of the highest quality and features the date of 1904 woven right into the sweater. This exceptional antique football sweater is among the finest that we have handled - a museum quality piece that will highlight any vintage football collection. SOLD

1910’s Dartmouth University Football Sweater – Jersey

ITEM 6: 1910’s Dartmouth University Football Sweater – Jersey. This vintage football sweater - jersey features a Dartmouth cloth patch sewn in at the collar. Very early style with the D woven right into the sweater itself. The jersey is of high quality and remains in solid VG-EX condition with a few nips here and there. A testament to time spent on the gridiron but nothing distracting. A great piece of Ivy League football history and an awesome looking jersey! Will make for a wonderful addition to your antique football memorabilia collection. SOLD

1910 S23 College “Yell” Silks

ITEM 7: 1910 S23 College “Yell” Silks, all grade NR-MT. West Virginia Baseball - $250, University of Pennsylvania Football - SOLD, Cornell Rowing - SOLD, and Yale Bulldog Mascot - SOLD

1930’s Harvard University Baseball Cap

1896 Boston Style cap
This is a 1930’s Harvard University Baseball Cap. This exceptional piece of vintage baseball equipment comes in the form of a maroon wool cap with the letter "H" sewn onto the front in white felt. The cap remains in wonderful condition and grades solid EX-MT. A great addition to any vintage baseball collection and a "must-have" item for the Harvard alum! SOLD

1900-05 Ladies in Sports Oversized Postcard Set

1900-05 Ladies in Sports Oversized Postcard Set. This is an exceedingly rare set of vintage sports postcards. Each postcard in the set features a beautiful lady playing a different sport. The ladies are in the style of the Gibson Girl. Baseball is Cornell with the lady holding a vintage bat and webless baseball glove. The Harvard beauty is holding a melon style football. Golf is represented by a Princeton gal with an antique leather golf bag and clubs. And finally, the lady from Penn is clutching a vintage tennis racket. The color and beauty of these cards are magnificent. They would be a stunning addition of color, if framed and displayed in any vintage sports collection! SOLD

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