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Vintage Baseball Bats


Antique Baseball Bats

Exceptional 1870's Baseball Bat - 39 inches

ITEM 1: For your consideration is an incredibly rare baseball bat from the 1870's. It is one of only a handful of bats that we have owned from this era. This gorgeous example remains in excellent condition and measures 39 inches long! Of course the bat was hand turned, showing lathe marks on both ends. The handle is lighter in color, giving an appealing two-tone effect, and the knob is both interesting and unique. The bat remains in exceptional condition with a smooth surface free of dings, dents or scratches. The end of the barrel shows signs of age and wear expected from a piece nearly 150 years old. This exceptional rarity remains un cracked and the overall condition is excellent. A gorgeous and super rare display piece that will make a fantastic addition to any antique baseball collection! SOLD

1890’s Spalding AXLETREE Model Ring Bat

ITEM 2: Here we are offering a wonderful 19th century baseball bat. This antique baseball bat was made by the Spalding Sporting Goods Company and measures 34 inches long. In the center it features the large and attractive Spalding logo stenciled on in black. Along with the word AXLETREE which is the model name for this impressive ring bat. The very tip of the bat is black and about one inch below that is a single black ring. The markings are bold against beautiful light colored wood grain and it all comes together to make for a rare and attractive display bat in excellent condition. Price $750

Vintage Baseball Bat - 1900’s Champion

ITEM 3: The offered item is a vintage baseball bat dating from the early 1900's. It is a Champion model with the word "Champion" in flowing script, beautifully burned into the center. The marking is as deep and dark as possible making for an incredible vintage look. The wood is light in color with nicely contrasting and very tight wood grain. Areas of flame tempering were a common practice during this era and they add an additional point of interest to the fine bat. A gorgeous example from this era that remains in amazing EX-MT to NR-MT condition! SOLD

1910’s Wright & Ditson MAJOR LEAGUE Baseball Bat

ITEM 4: The offered vintage baseball bat is a 1900-1910's Wright & Ditson "MAJOR LEAGUE" Model No. 1-A1. A high quality bat with very tight grain and deeply burned in markings that make for a fantastic vintage appearance. The bat remains in wonderful NR-MT condition with a beautiful smooth surface. The Wright & Ditson logo is also stamped into the knob. This antique baseball bat represents a fine example from this era with a wonderful look and great display ability. It will be a nice addition to your vintage baseball bat collection. SOLD

1910’s Dave Robertson Spalding Autograph Baseball Bat

ITEM 5: Here we are offering a very unusual 1910’s Dave Robertson Model Baseball Bat made by SPALDING. The A. G. Spalding & Bros. Sporting Goods Company did manufacture a large line of player model baseball bats but they produced significantly fewer than Louisville Slugger. Both companies also produce professional model bats for use by major league players. Again, Spalding produced far fewer than the bat producing legend, Louisville Slugger. That being said, the quality was nothing less, as is the case here with this high quality Dave Robertson model. In addition to being of very high quality, the markings are beautiful, the wood grain is tight and the surface is ideal! Dave Robertson played his professional baseball career exclusively in the National League. Starting with the New York Giants in 1912, then a few years with the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates and then back to the Giants for his final season in 1922. A gorgeous vintage baseball bat in all regards, measuring 35 inches long and with a condition of solid NR-MT. Price $400

Vintage Baseball Bat - 1910’s A. J. Reach “The Burley”

ITEM 6: The offered item is a 1910’s Burley Bat made by the A. J. Reach Company out of Philadelphia, PA. This fine antique bat features an outstanding center label on beautiful wood grain. The label reads "THE BURLEY" and indicates it to be a Model L No. 1/6. Also found on the end of the bat's knob is the circular Reach baseball logo neatly stamped into the wood. A great looking bat with lots of character and eye appeal. Price $275

Antique Baseball Bat - DeVille Slugger Professional Model

ITEM 7: The offered item is a 1910-20’s DeVille Slugger, Professional Model Baseball Bat. This fine vintage baseball bat features solid markings on honey colored ash. This is the first model of this kind we have handled. The De Ville Slugger is most likely an attempt to sound similar to the already popular Louisville Slugger. The bat is very clean with a nice surface and ideal patina. A great opportunity to add an unusual maker to your vintage baseball bat collection! The condition is solid EX-MT. Price $250

Vintage Baseball Bat - 1920’s Kiki Cuyler Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

ITEM 8: Offered here is a scarce and beautiful condition Kiki Cuyler Baseball Bat. This antique baseball bat is a model 40 HC made by Hillerich & Bradsby Co. All of the marking are strong and the barrel features a beautifully burned in facsimile signature of Cuyler. Hazen Cuyler enjoyed an impressive 18 year career playing professional baseball and he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1968. The color and grain are beautiful on this 34 inch. The markings could not be more bold and the surface is like glass. This bat is among the top condition you will find for the scarce HOF'er. It grades solid NR-MT! SOLD

1920’s Spalding Old Hickory Model C Baseball Bat

ITEM 9: Here we are offering a 1920’s Spalding Model C "Old Hickory" Baseball Bat. A beautiful vintage baseball bat with the attractive Spalding baseball and double-diamond logo deeply burned into the surface. The Old Hickory is deeply burned into the business end of the bat and presents beautifully also. We have had the Old Hickory model once or twice in the past, a scarce bat from this era. The round Spalding logo is also burned into the bottom of the knob. This example measures 34 inches and remains in solid EX-MT condition. SOLD

1928-1931 George Burns Spalding Autograph 200 Series Baseball Bat

ITEM 10: Offered here is a great looking Spalding bat. This antique baseball bat falls between the years of 1928 and 1931. Made by the A.G. Spalding & Bros. sporting goods company, it was their Autograph 200 Series. Perhaps the most attractive of the Spalding bat logos, the "Spalding double-diamond logo" is burned in nicely on this George Burns model. In fact, all of the markings are strong and bold against the honey brown ash. George Burns played professional baseball for 16 seasons all in the American League where he received the MVP Award in 1926. The bat measures 34 inches long with strong markings and an ideal patina. A great addition to any vintage baseball bat collection! SOLD

Vintage Baseball Bat - 1930’s Joe Cronin Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

ITEM 11: The offered vintage baseball bat is a 1920's Joe Cronin, Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat. This is a model 125 JC - the high standard for Hillerich and Bradsby during this era. A great bat in all regards with an ideal patina and surface, as well as super strong markings. As indicated on the knob, the bat measures 35 inches in length. This fine vintage baseball bat carries the endorsement of Hall of Fame great Joe Cronin. Cronin was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939. His professional baseball career began in 1915 with the St. Louis Browns and ended in 1930 with the Boston Braves. He batted over .400 twice with a monster career batting average of .340. He was one of baseball's greatest hitters. Of course this is also the Joe Cronin who was commissioner of the National League from 1959 to 1973. A fantastic addition to your vintage baseball collection. The overall condition is EX-MT to NR-MT. Price $350

Vintage Baseball Bat Circa 1930’s - YALE model bat made by the Moneco Company, New Haven CT

ITEM 12: Here we are offering an unusual and interesting baseball bat from the 1930's. The bat was made by The Moneco Company which was located in New Haven, Connecticut. The model name for the bat (YALE) is the centerpiece of their logo. A clever name for a bat produced in the same city as Yale University! The bat itself measures 34 inches long, shows a modest amount of use on the diamond and grades NR-MT. The markings are strong and the finish is smooth and free of dings or dents. An exceptionally clean example from this era with an awesome vintage appeal. A super display among your other vintage baseball bats! Price $225

1930's Lou Gehrig Baseball Bat - Adirondack

ITEM 13: This is a vintage Lou Gehrig Baseball Bat made by Adirondack in the 1930's. A very scarce Lou Gehrig bat, the overwhelming majority are Louisville Slugger models. As for Lou Gehrig, simply put he is among the very top of the list for the greatest baseball player of all time. His accomplishments are to numerous to mention and he was known to be an excellent gentleman off the field as well. He spent his entire career with the New York Yankees where he was loved by all and remains a baseball legend today. This fine antique Lou Gehrig baseball bat measures 35 inches long and remains in EX-MT to NR-MT condition. SOLD

1930’s Rogers Hornsby Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

ITEM 14: Here we are offering a very unusual 1930’s Rogers Hornsby Louisville Slugger Model Baseball Bat. This bat was endorsed by the St. Louis Cardinals great, Rogers Hornsby. Hornsby played 23 seasons of professional baseball from 1915 to 1937 and was considered one of the greatest hitters ever to play the game. In addition to other awards and accomplishments, Hornsby won the NL batting title 7 times, the NL triple crown twice and was named MVP in 1925 and 1929. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1942. The bat measures 35 inches and remains un cracked. The markings are deep and bold and the overall look is exceptional. A scarce player model bat in solid EX-MT condition! Price $275

Rollie Hemsley GAME USED baseball bat - 1940's

ITEM 15: Here we are offering a GAME USED Louisville Slugger baseball bat that was used by Rollie Hemsley. Hemsley enjoyed a long career of professional baseball for 19 years. He played for several different teams, his longest time spent with one team was the St. Louis Browns. Hemsley was also elected to play in the All-Star game five times. This fine vintage baseball bat was of course a top of the line bat, a model 125 from Louisville Slugger. It measures 35 inches and exhibits excellent game use while still maintaining nice bold markings. A great item for the vintage baseball memorabilia collector! $275

1950’s Duke Snider, Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

ITEM 16: Offered here is a 1950's Duke Snider, Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat measuring 35 inches long. This fine antique baseball bat is a Duke Snider model made by the Louisville Slugger Bat Company - Hillerich & Bradsby. It is a high quality bat with deep and dark markings on a clean and smooth bat surface. Duke Snider's Hall of Fame baseball career began in 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers and lasted for 18 years. Duke was named to the All-Star team 8 times and was voted Player of the Year in 1955 when his Brooklyn Dodgers won their only World Series title, ever! The condition of this antique baseball bat is EX-MT... a an ideal item for the collector of vintage sports equipment or for any vintage baseball memorabilia collector! Price $175

Antique Baseball Bat - 1960’s Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger 125

ITEM 17: Here we are offering a 1960's Mickey Mantle Baseball Bat. One of the nicest and cleanest Mickey Mantle bats that we have had in a long time. This exceptional old bat measures 34 inches and is a model 125 made by Louisville Slugger - the 125 designates their highest quality of wood. This is a store model bat but very similar to what Mantle actually used. Mickey Mantle is a true legend of baseball and one of the most collected players of all time. His amazing 18 year career, all as a member of the New York Yankees, is filled with achievements and awards far too numerous to mention. Suffice it to say that Mickey Mantle was one of the games greatest sluggers. This baseball bat has remained in exceptional, solid NR-MT condition with bold markings. It will make a great addition to your antique baseball collection! SOLD

1960’s Orlando Cepeda Louisville Slugger Model 125 Louisville Baseball Bat

ITEM 18: Here we are offering a 1960’s Orlando Cepeda Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat, Model 125. This gorgeous vintage baseball bat features nice markings, a smooth surface and ideal patina. Orlando Cepeda played professional baseball for 17 seasons from 1958 to 1974. He was Rookie of the Year in 1958, MVP of the National League in 1967 and a member of the All-Star team 11 times! He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999. Orlando Cepeda baseball bats are very scarce! This one measures 35 inches long and remains in solid EX-MT condition! Price $175

1970’s Tony Perez Game Used Bat, Louisville 125

ITEM 19: The offered item is a 1970's Tony Perez Game Used Bat. This vintage gamer is a Louisville Slugger Model 125 baseball bat with all of the correct markings. Next to the center logo is Powerized and GENUINE R43 is above his name at the end of the barrel. Tony Perez played 23 years of professional baseball from 1964 through 1986, the bulk of which was with the Cincinnati Reds. He played in five different World Series Championships and was a prominent member of the Big Red Machine. This bat is a special piece of baseball history that likely made it's way through more than a couple great old ballparks. Solid game use, solid markings, this bat is an outstanding example. SOLD

1980 Tony Pena Game Used Bat, Louisville 125

ITEM 20: Here we are offering an extremely unique, 1980 Tony Pena Game Used Bat from his first year as a professional baseball player. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and interestingly he batted .429 that season but only made 21 appearances at the plate so this did not constitute his rookie year. During this season in 1980 Tony Pena wore the number 11. The following year and for the remaining six years with the Pittsburgh Pirates he wore the number 6. The number on the knob of this bat is 11. It is extremely probable that this bat was used during one of his 21 appearances to the plate in the 1980 season. Regardless of that interesting information, this is an awesome bat in and of itself. The bat is a Louisville Slugger Model 125, Powerized - P72 with ideal game use, all of the correct markings, and a great overall appearance. Price $300

1980-1983 Len Matuszek Game Used Baseball Bat

ITEM 21: This is a 1980-1983 Len Matuszek GAME USED Baseball Bat. Len Matuszek was an exceptional utility player for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1981 to 1984 and then finished his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers. This bat is a Louisville Slugger Model 125, style P72. This bat could have been ordered by the Philadelphia Phillies during their 1983 National League Championship season. Matuszek batted .275 that season and was a significant contributor to the team’s success. That bat exhibits solid game use and remains in excellent condition. Price $200

1880’s Baseball Bat - 1880’s Peck & Snyder X.L.Tree model Ring Bat

Offered here is an exceptional, 19th century baseball ring bat from the 1880's. Made by Peck and Snyder, this antique baseball bat is a beautiful example from what is arguably the most desirable of all baseball bat and equipment makers. This bat is 32 inches of a vintage baseball bat collectors dreams. A bold, stenciled center logo boasting the Peck & Snyder maker, as well as the model which is X. L. TREE. The patina is ideal and the scarce green rings are a wonderful addition to a collectible that rarely sees any color. Just a gorgeous and super rare display piece that will make a fantastic addition to any antique baseball collection! SOLD

19th Century Baseball Bat - 1890’s D&M Union League Model Ring Bat

Here we are offering an amazing 1890’s D&M Ring Bat with RED painted ring. A quick look at the images above reveals the remarkable NR-MT to MINT condition of this extremely scarce and desirable vintage baseball bat. In 24 years this is the only D&M baseball ring bat that we have ever seen, and amazingly the condition is outstanding! This exceptional antique baseball ring bat features a large and detailed D&M Lucky Dog logo stenciled at center along with the model - UNION LEAGUE. Next to that is a broad painted ring in the color of scarlet. This fine bat measures 34 inches long and remains is gorgeous NR-MT to MINT condition, exhibiting no obvious signs of ever being used. One of the most impressive vintage bats that we have handled in a long time. SOLD

Patented 1905 Spalding MUSHROOM Bat

The offered vintage baseball bat is an excellent example of the MUSHROOM style baseball bat. This unique baseball bat design refers to the large mushroom-like knob on the end of the handle, it was intended to counterbalance the swing. The design was patented on August 1st, 1905. This antique baseball bat was made by the A. G. Spalding & Bros. sporting goods company which features deeply burned in marking that include that patent information. The markings are strong and bold making for a nice look and display. The bat remains un cracked and the overall condition is excellent. A must-have item for the vintage baseball bat collector. SOLD

Antique Baseball Bat - Pontiac Turning Company Baseball Bat 1900-1905

This vintage baseball bat was made by the The Pontiac Turning Company from Pontiac, Michigan. The very attractive Indian Chief logo makes for a great looking bat, always in demand. This heavy antique war club features a deeply burned in logo and beautiful wood grain. Due to the fine detail in the logo, it is almost always imperfect. However, the logo on this bat is almost entirely perfect and has a wonderful appearance. Of additional interest with this bat is the history which the owner shared with me in a letter that goes as follows:

You may wonder how I came into possession of that bat. I can tell you how I acquired it but I cannot tell you for sure how it was obtained in the first place. My Grandfather came to this country from England about 1892. I have a picture of him in a baseball uniform while he was still in England. Around 1902 he lived in Ypsilanti (Michigan). He may have purchased the bat then and at some time took and left it at the cottage. But he is deceased as are his wife, daughter, son, and anyone else who might know how the bat was originally obtained. My grandparents owned a cottage on Wallon Lake (Michigan) and when the depression came along they had to sell it and were able to buy some lake front property on Lake Charlevoix in Boyne City (Michigan) in 1933. When they died they gave the property to my mother. When she died, she deeded the property to her children of which I am one of them. This bat found its way to this cottage and I eventually brought it home. While I was growing up I'd spent summers at the cottage. I would encounter the bat, but never bothered to ask about it. I am in my late 80's now. I might add that I never played baseball, my parents had no interest in the game, and when he was alive, my Grandfather never mentioned the game or the bat. Of course I was very young when he died. All I know for sure was when I went to the cottage, here was this bat stashed in a corner waiting for some one to use it. And no one ever did. I brought it home thinking my grandchildren might use it, but they didn't. The other day I was looking at the bat and noticed the trade marks on it, so decided to look on the interned to learn more about it. The rest is history… Fred S. An outstanding vintage bat in all regards, condition is EX-MT. SOLD

Vintage Baseball Bat - 1932 Jimmie Foxx Louisville Slugger

Offered here is an extremely scarce 1932 Jimmie Foxx Baseball Bat. This vintage baseball bat was made by Louisville Slugger and carries the Powerized and Bone Rubbed markings. Jimmie Foxx bats are very rare in any condition and this one is a stunner! The color and grain are beautiful. The markings could not be more bold and the surface is like glass. Jimmie Foxx enjoyed an amazing 20 year career in major league baseball and racked up a slew of awards and accomplishments. Foxx is to be considered one of the top players in the Baseball Hall of Fame. This bat is among the top condition you will find for the scarce HOF'er. It grades solid NR-MT! SOLD

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