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Vintage Baseball Gloves


Antique Baseball Gloves

1900-1905 Reach, White Leather, Full Web, Baseball Fielder’s Glove

ITEM 1: This is a 1900-1905 Reach, White Leather, Full Web, Baseball Fielder’s Glove.  This incredible, vintage baseball glove pretty much has it all going on. The condition is stunning, it is of the highest with a full leather lining and piping, and the Reach cloth patch and shiny button are without flaws. This was a top quality glove 100+ years ago when it was sold and it still is today. A wonderful addition to consider for your vintage baseball glove collection! SOLD

Circa. 1900-1905, D&M, Model 13, Genuine Horsehide, Full Web Fielder’s Glove

ITEM 2: The offered vintage baseball glove is a Circa. 1900-1905, D&M, Model 13, Genuine Horsehide, Full Web Fielder’s Glove.  This is a very desirable antique baseball glove!  The leather remains soft and supple and the markings are still visible in the palm area. They feature the Draper and Maynard Sporting Goods logo with model 13 under it and then Genuine Horsehide under that. Additionally, the button is identified with the D&M logo as well as the cloth patch. A very high quality vintage baseball glove that is fully leather lined and with leather piping. The glove remains in solid EX-MT condition and makes for a striking display. SOLD

1900-1905 Full Web Fielder’s Glove

ITEM 3: 1900-1905 Full Web Fielder’s Glove. This is a great looking, high quality, vintage baseball glove. A wonderful example from this era in baseball history. Oddly, we were unable to find a maker on this glove. Surely the palm area identified the maker at one time but that was many, many catches ago. There never was a cloth patch nor is the button marked with the maker. In any event, it remains as a beautiful example in EX-MT condition. A fine example of a vintage baseball glove from this era. Price $300

1908 Reach Baseman’s Mitt

ITEM 4: The offered item is a 1908 Reach Baseman’s Mitt. This is a great looking, light brown leather, vintage baseball baseman's mitt. The leather remains soft and supple, and the vintage mitt displays wonderfully. The reverse features a buckle and strap closure at the wrist as well as the Reach cloth patch. A fine example from this period that grades VG-EX. Price $150

1910-1920 Marathon Sporting Goods Baseman's Mitt

ITEM 5: This is a 1910-1920 Marathon Sporting Goods "Professional Model" Baseman's Mitt. This vintage baseball glove is of the highest quality in every regard. The leather is top quality, the binding is leather and the interior is fully leather lined. It feels incredible on the hand. The mitt is marked "Professional Model" on the face and the reverse features a shiny buckle-back strap in black leather. A great looking mitt in solid EX-MT condition! Price $225

1920’s Hank Gowdy, Draper & Maynard Catcher’s Mitt

ITEM 6: This special offering is for a 1920’s Hank Gowdy, Draper & Maynard Catcher’s Mitt. This is a wonderful condition vintage catcher's mitt and a scarce player model made by Draper and Maynard. Henry "Hank" Gowdy enjoyed a long baseball career spanning from 1910 to 1930. The bulk of his career was from 1911 to 1923. This was when he was in his prime and also the years he spent with the Boston Braves. The antique catcher's mitt is a tank of a mitt with strong markings, a buckle-back strap and a perfect D&M cloth patch. The condition is gorgeous EX-MT. SOLD

1940’s Joe Gordon, Marathon Sporting Goods Glove

ITEM 7: This is a 1940’s Joe Gordon player model baseball glove made by the Marathon Sporting Goods Company. This is one of those gloves that just feels great when on your hand. The high quality construction still shines through today. Additionally, there is a unique feature in how two of the three fingers are "laced" together... most easily noticed when looking at the reverse side. Joe Gordon played the bulk of his professional baseball as a new York Yankee. He was with them from 1938 to 1946 and he also played with the Cleveland Indians. An all around solid glove that remains in gorgeous EX-MT condition! SOLD

1950’s Rawlings Mickey Mantle Baseball Glove

ITEM 8: 1950’s Rawlings Mickey Mantle Baseball Glove. This exceptional vintage baseball glove is endorsed by the great baseball icon, Mickey Mantle. The glove features very strong markings and is a fine example from this era. It will make a great display for the New York Yankee, or vintage baseball memorabilia collector. Mickey Mantle played 18 seasons of professional baseball all with the New York Yankees. His accolades are too numerous to mention but he stands side by side with other Yankee greats like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and others. A great opportunity to add this beauty to your collection! SOLD

MINT 1930-1940’s Augie Galan Baseball Glove

ITEM 9: MINT 1930-1940’s Augie Galan Baseball Glove. The offered antique baseball glove here was made by the Dubow Sporting Goods Company. It was among their top-of-the-line models as it is constructed of the highest quality material inside and out. The glove is large and the marking are bold making for a wonderful display. Augie Galan played major league baseball for 16 seasons, mostly with the Chicago Cubs and Brooklyn Dodgers. A gorgeous GEM MINT glove with perfect markings! SOLD

NR-MT to MINT Early 1950’s Eddie Stanky Baseball Glove

ITEM 10: This high quality, vintage baseball glove was made by the Denkert Sporting Goods Company and endorsed by Eddie Stanky. Stanky played eleven seasons of professional baseball and moved around a lot. His longest stay was with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1944 through 1947. This particular glove is an unusual three finger model that is of the highest quality and features bold markings. The glove remains is gorgeous NR-MT to MINT condition! It will make a fine display item for the vintage baseball memorabilia collector. SOLD

1930-1940’s Miniature Sample/Souvenir Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

ITEM 11: 1930-1940’s Miniature Sample/Souvenir Baseball Catcher’s Mitt. The offered vintage baseball catcher's mitt is a tiny mitt that measures approximately 2" tall and2 1/2" wide. Most likely a souvenir item or perhaps a promotional item as we have seen mitts like this in the past that have carried manufactures logos. In any event, a great little display item for your vintage baseball collection. The overall condition is NR-MT. SOLD

MINT 1950’s Frank Torre MacGregor “BIG DIPPER” Model 1st Baseman’s Mitt

ITEM 12: MINT 1950’s Frank Torre MacGregor “BIG DIPPER” Model 1st Baseman’s Mitt. This wonderful antique baseball mitt has it all: huge size, high quality, bold markings and a perfect cloth patch. It is also a personal model for Frank Torre who played the majority of his professional baseball career with the Milwaukee Braves. Just a solid GEM MINT vintage baseball glove! SOLD

Vintage Baseball Glove - Draper Maynard

ITEM 13: This is an early 1950’s Grady Hatton, Draper & Maynard Baseball Glove. This fine, antique baseball glove features a blazing silver endorsement of Grady Hatton along with the D&M logo which is equally eye catching. The glove is an exceptional example from this era and remains in solid NR-MT condition! For a left handed thrower. Price $90

Wilson Professional Model 1366 Catcher's Mitt - Game Used by Sam Snyder of the Baltimore Orioles

ITEM 14: Wilson Professional Model 1366, Catcher’s Mitt, Game Used by Sam Snider the bullpen catcher for the Baltimore Orioles.  This ultra-rare model is for a lefty and includes the MLB cloth patch. Sam was hired full-time by Cal Ripken, Sr. as a Bullpen Catcher in 1987. He spent the next 21 years there as Bullpen Catcher and Acting Bullpen Coach. Has caught Oriole greats including Dave Johnson, Mike Flanagan and Mike Mussina. Threw batting practice to such greats as Cal Ripken, Jr. and Eddie Murray. This glove has seen some great action and remains in EX-MT condition. Price $300

1920’s Babe Ruth Reach, Home Run Special Model Catcher’s Mitt

ITEM 15: 1920’s Babe Ruth Reach, “Home Run Special” Model Catcher’s Mitt. This is a very rare, early player model baseball mitt. While Babe Ruth did not spend a whole lot of time behind the plate it still made good sense to offer his endorsement on a catcher's mitt. Reach also offered a Babe Ruth "Home Run Special" model fielder's glove and baseman's mitt. This particular catcher's mitt is of the highest quality and retains its original form very well. The reverse features an unusual adjustable strap closure and a beautiful Reach cloth patch. Just a superb baseball collectible as it appeals to the collectors of Babe Ruth, the New York Yankees, vintage baseball gloves or even just baseball memorabilia in general... it has it all! Overall it remains in excellent condition! SOLD  

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