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Vintage Baseball Memorabilia


Antique Baseball Memorabilia

1915 "Indoor Sports" Base Ball Game

ITEM 1: Here we have a 1915 Baseball Game called "Indoor Base Ball." During this time period parlor games were very popular. They were produced depicting many different subjects. This one is obviously baseball and provided a way to pass the hours enjoyably at a time void of cable, internet, and the countless other electronics that we use to wile away the hours today. The game has a fine display quality and remains in EX-MT condition! Price $175

1950’s Milwaukee Braves Baseball Glove Ceramic Ashtray

ITEM 2: 1950’s Milwaukee Braves Baseball Glove Ceramic Ashtray. Featured here is a light brown, vintage baseball glove with Milwaukee Braves identified on the heel of the glove. The condition is solid NR-MT void of any cracks or chips. This fine piece of vintage sports memorabilia will make for very nice display item, especially for the Milwaukee Braves Baseball collector. Price $90

Turn of the Century Style Baseball Mugs

honus wagner

honus wagner

ITEM 3: Turn of the Century Style Baseball Mugs. Offered here are vintage baseball mugs in four different colors. We have several of each color. Each mug is uniquely detailed but all feature the short brim baseball cap and high collar baseball jersey along with the vintage baseball bat and baseballs to serve as the handle. While the mug represents a baseball player from the early 1900's they were actually made in 1978 and every mug is marked as such. They are ready to be used to serve beer from your sports bar or to function as a display item in your man cave. They all remain in flawless MINT condition! Price $75 each

Willie Mays Single Signed Baseball

ITEM 4: Willie Mays Single Signed Baseball. This vintage baseball was hand signed by Willie Mays on a Rawlings - Bart Giamatti, Official National League Baseball. It is a beautiful, bold autograph! The overall condition is NR-MT to MINT! Price $200

Hank Aaron Single Signed Baseball

ITEM 5: The offered item is a Hank Aaron Single Signed Baseball. This fine vintage baseball was autographed by The REAL Home Run King, Hank Aaron. Long before steroids and other "performance enhancing drugs" this great slugger won the crown from the legendary Babe Ruth. The autograph remains dark and bold on a Rawlings - Bill White, Official National League Baseball. The condition is solid NR-MT to MINT! Price $200

1974 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers HUGE 6” Oversize Souvenir Pin Back Button / Stand

ITEM 6: The offered item is a 1974 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers HUGE 6” Oversize Souvenir Pin Back Button / Stand. This scarce vintage baseball collectible recognizes the 1974 LA Dodgers when they went to the World Series. The entire team is pictured on this HUGE 6 inch button and also features facsimile autographs of the players in the bottom half. Notables from this team are Don Sutton, Ron Cey, Davey Lopes, Bill Buckner and many others. Interestingly, on the reverse of this button is a fold cardboard stand so it can stand on its own to be displayed rather than pinned onto something. The condition is excellent on this rare Dodgers collectible! Price $175

1905-10 Harvard Baseball Water Pitcher Complete Set by F. Earl Christy

ITEM 7: 1905-10 Harvard Baseball Water Pitcher Complete Set by F. Earl Christy. World famous illustrator, F. Earl Christy has produced some of the finest sports images from the Edwardian Era. Christy focused almost exclusively on Ivy league schools and with his flare for the Gibson Girl he often included ladies in his sports artwork. This particular water pitcher set glorifies baseball at Harvard University. Each of the five pieces features a wonderful baseball image on the front and the Harvard University crest on the reverse. Outstanding! Price $1,750

1947 World Series Ticket Stub for game 3 at Ebbets Field

ITEM 8: The offered item is a 1947 World Series Ticket Stub for game 3 at Ebbets Field. The game was played at Ebbets Field Friday, October 3, 1947. The Brooklyn Dodgers hosted the New York Yankees. The Dodgers pleased the home team crowd by winning the game in the bottom of the ninth! This ticket came directly from a man who attended the game. He kept this ticket in this amazing NR-MT to MINT condition for all these years. A great item for your vintage baseball collection. Price $250

Early 1900's Baseball Style Medicine Ball

ITEM 9: Offered here we have a very unusual Early 1900’s Baseball Style Medicine Ball. While this vintage medicine ball is not a baseball item persae, it features the same figure-eight stitch pattern as a baseball and will look amazing in a vintage baseball collection or vintage sports display!  The antique medicine ball weighs four pounds and is the size of a basketball. The cover is a suede buckskin and the condition is solid EX-MT! Price $350

INCREDIBLE 1884 Baseball Game

ITEM 10: The offered item is an INCREDIBLE 1884 Baseball Game. It is difficult to determine the most appealing aspect of this game. It might be the age, at 129 years old it is amazing that this game still exists. The age of 1884 is determined by the rule of getting first base on six balls, which was only in place in 1884 season. This is quite possibly the oldest baseball game to exist! It might be the condition, at 129 years old (or 10 years old) this game has remained in amazingly near perfect condition. It is complete with 49 playing cards, which is indicted on the instructions sheet (also present), and also present are the original eighteen player discs. Or perhaps it is the aesthetic appeal, the full color litho image of the batsman wearing the period cap, the belt with the sachet dangling at the side and the high top baseball shoes from when baseball was more than a game with a score. Most likely it is the combination of all three aspects and this game possesses them all. We know of only three examples of this game to exist and this is the finest example known! SOLD

1910 Baseball Advertising Fan featuring Lajoie, Griffith, Bresnahan and 13 others

ITEM 11: The offered item is a very unique, 1910 Baseball Advertising Fan featuring 16 player and manager images to include Lajoie, Chase, Griffith, Chance, Clarke, Bresnahan. This exceptional vintage sports item, includes a beautiful full color litho advertising fan attached to it original wooden handle. The odd shape of this fan coupled with the purpose for which it was intended make it very vulnerable to damage. This example has survived wonderfully in excellent condition! It will make for a colorful, eye catching display among your vintage sports memorabilia! SOLD

1930’s Lou Gehrig Souvenir Bat with attached New York Yankees Pennant

honus wagner

honus wagner
ITEM 12: Offered here is a 1930’s Lou Gehrig Souvenir Bat with attached New York Yankees Pennant. This exceptional piece of vintage baseball memorabilia comes in the form of a unique, vintage New York Yankees / Lou Gehrig collectible. The antique baseball bat was produced by Louisville Slugger, a souvenir sold at the stadium. Attached is a vintage New York Yankees felt pennant from the same era. The condition is excellent! A super addition to any vintage baseball collection! SOLD

1927 Photo of Babe Ruth Holding World Record Hen Named "Babe Ruth"

ITEM 13: 1927 Photo of Babe Ruth holding world record hen that laid 171 eggs in 171 consecutive days, was taken while the Bustin Babes were touring the country after the 1927 Championship Season. The photo measures 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 and is stamped Underwood & Underwood , Chicago, ILL. on the reverse. In addition, the attached write-up includes ""the kick Babe got out of this is shown by his expression on his face. Babe wanted to see the hen "Babe Ruth" that is getting about as much play in the daily press as the slugger is." Condition of the photo is EX-MT to NR-MT. SOLD

1931 Photo of Babe Ruth Hitting Home Run in Opening Game of the 1931 Season

ITEM 14: Offered here is a 1931 Photo of Babe Ruth Hitting a Home Run in the Opening Game of the 1931 Season. This fantastic image of Babe crossing home plate measures 6"x 8"and possesses great photographic quality. The photo is stamped on the reverse, Acme Newspictures, Inc., 220 East 42nd Street, New York City. The heading reads, "The Bam Opens Season with a Homer." A portion of the write-up includes, Babe Ruth, does not disappoint, opening the 1931 season with a bang, clouting a home run." A great piece of New York Yankees history that celebrates the Babe! The photo remains in EX-MT to NR-MT condition! SOLD

1935 World Series Pennant

ITEM 15: 1935 World Series Pennant. This is an EXTREMELY RARE and very sought after vintage baseball pennant. It commemorates the World Series of 1935 between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers. This World Series was won by the Detroit Tigers in six games despite losing the services of Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg in game 2 when he collided with his catcher Gabby Hartnett and broke his wrist... AND the fill-ins for Greenberg, Marv Owen and Flea Clifton went a dismal 1 for 36 at the plate. The pennant remains in solid EX-MT condition with a perfect tip! A wonderful piece of baseball history! SOLD

1937 Detroit Tigers Pennant

ITEM 16: Offered here is a scarcely encountered 1937 Detroit Tigers Pennant. The Tigers were not World Series Champs this year but the pennant is a gorgeous souvenir from the season. The full size pennant features a multi-color Tiger with crossed baseball bats and a baseball below and is of course dated 1937. The condition is exceptional with no apparent damage and great color. A very scarce pennant and great addition for the vintage baseball pennant collector or Detroit Tigers fan. SOLD

1927 REACH Baseball Trophy from the Pennsylvania Railroad League

ITEM 17: 1927 REACH Baseball Trophy from the Pennsylvania Railroad League. This exceptional vintage baseball collectible was made by the A. J. Reach Sporting Goods Company from Philadelphia, PA. Standing an impressive 17 inches tall, it features a beautiful silver finish that has the following etched into the surface: Altoona Machine Shop - Champions - 1927 - Altoona PRR League. A wonderful vintage baseball and railroad crossover piece! The condition is gorgeous EX-MT! A great display item for any baseball collector! SOLD

1935 Boston Red Sox Team Photo

ITEM 18: 1935 Boston Red Sox Team Photo. This vintage baseball photo represents the Boston Red Sox of the American League. It features head shots and full body images of the entire team, including Lefty Grove, Moe Berg, Rick Ferrel, Max Bishop, Joe Cronin, Babe Dahlgren, and Bing Miller. It measures approximately 6"x 10" and remains in EX-MT condition! A scarce Red Sox collectible! SOLD

1956 Don Larson Perfect Game Souvenir Plate

ITEM 19: 1956 Don Larson Perfect Game Souvenir Plate. It was game 5 of the World Series in 1956 when Don Larson set the record that still stands today. He pitched a perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Just after that day, in recognition of that amazing accomplishment, this plate was created. It shows Larson in his full Yankee uniform ready to fire one in. It also shows the box score to the perfect game. A great looking item and awesome display piece. It remains in NR-MT condition! SOLD

1960 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Signed Baseball with Roberto Clemente, Vern Law, etc

1960 Pirates Team

1960 Pirates Team Signed Baseball

1960 Pirates Team Signed Baseball

1960 Pirates Team Signed Baseball

1960 Pirates Team Signed Baseball

1960 Pirates Team Signed Baseball

ITEM 20: This a 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Signed Baseball with Clemente, Law, etc. This baseball is an Official National League Baseball made by Spalding during the Warren Giles era. The baseball remains in gorgeous NR-MT to MINT condition and features the autographs of 22 members of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates Championship Team. Signatures include; Roberto Clemente, Vern Law, Bill Mazeroski, Harvey Haddix, Bill Virdon, Dick Groat and 16 others. All signatures are very bold with an overall grade of NR-MT! SOLD

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