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Vintage Baseball Memorabilia


Antique Baseball Memorabilia

19th Century Baseball Tintype Photos

ITEM 1: Offered here are four different 19th century baseball tintype images. Each of the offered vintage baseball tintypes feature a single player pose on a standard 1/6 plate tin which measures 2 1/8" x 3 1/2". They are all in very nice condition and present well but they look much better in person! The baseball pitcher shown in the bottom left holding the baseball has been color tinted on the cap, socks and cheeks. All of the poses are full body and look awesome. Some of the highlights are the vintage bats, the baseball, the early bib-front baseball jersey and the early striped baseball cap. Very high quality images in all regards they are a staple for the 19th century baseball collector! Price $200 each

1904 Honus Wagner, Husky Hans Sheet Music

ITEM 2: Offered here is an exceptional example of the 1904 "Husky Hans" sheet music. This stunning piece is one of the most desirable of all baseball-related sheet music, thanks to a large 4" x 7.5" image of Honus Wagner in full uniform on the front cover. The sheet music is as much a piece of art as it is sheet music. Along with the impressive image of Honus Wagner, there are baseball graphics and a note regarding him as a "3 times champion batsman of the National League." This was true in 1904, but by 1911 Wagner would add another five batting titles to his professional baseball achievements. A beautiful facsimile signature of Honus Wagner graces the area under his photo. This example is as crisp and clean as they come and will make for a great display in your vintage baseball collection. Price $600

1908 Frederick Base Ball Association Full Ticket

ITEM 3: The offered item is a 1908 Full Ticket for the Frederick Baseball Association. The ticket was for admittance to the grand stand area. The ticket maker is identified as the Globe ticket Company, from Philadelphia. Nice baseball graphics on this vintage baseball ticket. The condition is VG-EX. Price $100

1939 Dartmouth Baseball Team Photo

ITEM 4: The offered item is a 1939 Dartmouth Baseball Team Photo. This fine vintage baseball photograph features the complete Dartmouth Baseball team from the season of 1939. The photo has ideal contrast and clarity showing the Dartmouth baseball players neatly organized on their bleachers. baseball team. The players are all wearing matching uniforms that feature a detailed patch or embroidery of the Dartmouth Indian. The photo is housed in it's original frame which measures 11"x 14" and it remains in solid NR-MT condition! A great Ivy League sports piece. Price $150

1930 - 1940’s Baseball Themed Newsboy Apron for the Syracuse Herald Journal

ITEM 5: Here we have a 1930-40’s Baseball Themed Newsboy Apron for the Syracuse Herald - Journal. Back in the day it was common to buy your newspaper from the local newsboy or newspaper stand. This vintage newsboy apron advertises "for complete sports read the Syracuse Herald - Journal" and features a great baseball graphic of a vintage batter. Made of a canvas like material with two pockets on the front, the condition remains NR-MT as it appears to have been used very little. A novel piece of vintage baseball memorabilia and great display piece. SOLD

1940’s Ted Williams Baseball Bat with Boston Red Sox Pennant

ITEM 6: Offered here is a scarce 1940’s Ted Williams Souvenir Baseball Bat with Boston Red Sox Pennant Attached. This exceptional Ted Williams and Boston Red Sox collectible comes in the form of an antique baseball bat made by Louisville Slugger which features Ted Williams facsimile autograph. Attached to that is a Boston Red Sox felt pennant. Sold at the souvenir stands of Fenway Park, this fine fine collectible remains in EX-MT to NR-MT condition. SOLD

1940-50’s Mel Allen, New York Yankees Ballantine Beer Sign

ITEM 7: The offered item is a 1940-50’s Mel Allen, New York Yankees Ballantine Beer Sign. This fine piece of vintage baseball advertising for the New York Yankees and Ballantine Beer. Measuring 11' x 13" the sign is substantial, about a 1/4" thick board with an easel back to allow for a countertop display. An attractive New York Yankees baseball advertising sign that remains in solid NR-MT condition. Price $100

1951 Major League All Stars Tour of Japan Program, DiMaggio, Berra, O’Doul

ITEM 8: Here we are offering a 1951 Major League All Stars Tour of Japan Program. This very scarce program comes from Japan in 1951 when the Major League All Stars did their Tour of Japan. The program is printed in Japanese and is read by turning the pages from left to right. Some of the American baseball stars were Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Lefty O’Doul and many others. A very scarce program from an interesting time in baseball history. The condition is excellent. Price $300

1956 Don Larsen Perfect Game Framed Display

ITEM 9: Here we are offering a 1956 Don Larsen Perfect Game Framed Display. In 1956 Don Larsen was the first and only baseball player to ever pitch a perfect game in a World Series. A feat that many believe may never be accomplished again! Offered here is an impressive framed display which includes an original ticket, a vintage box score and a photo of his last pitch in that game. The photo is inscribed, "Last Pitch of my World Series Perfect Game" - October 8th 1956 and signed by Larsen. Just a fantastic piece of baseball history. Measuring 18" x 27" it has been professionally framed. Price $750

1942 World Series Ticket - Game 3

ITEM 10: The offered item is a 1942 World Series Ticket Stub from Game 3. The game was played on Saturday October 3rd at Yankee Stadium. The St. Louis Cardinals beat the New York Yankees 2-0. Cardinal's pitcher Ernie White, pitched a six-hit shutout against the New York Yankees and allowed no walks. This World Series ticket remains in very good condition. Price $100

1943 World Series Ticket - Game 2

ITEM 11: The offered item is a 1943 World Series Ticket for Game 2 that was played October 6, 1943 at Yankee Stadium. This was the St. Louis Cardinals' only win in the 1942 Series. The score was 4-3. This is a tough ticket and it remains in excellent condition. Price $150

1956 World Series Ticket Game 5 - The only Perfect Game pitched in a World Series.

ITEM 12: Offered here is a very rare and desirable World Series Ticket stub from Game 5 of the 1956 World Series. This was the only perfect game ever pitched in a World Series, or any post season game for that matter. The game was played on October 8, 1956. Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game ever pitched in a World Series. The ticket has exceptional color and remains in excellent condition. Price $550

1958 World Series Ticket Stub, Game 4 at Yankee Stadium

ITEM 13: The offered item is a 1958 World Series Ticket Stub for game 4 at Yankee Stadium. The game was played at Yankee Stadium Friday, October 5, 1958. The New York Yankees hosted the Milwaukee Braves. The Braves won the game to go up 3-1 on The Yanks in the series. The Yankees won the next three straight to capture the title of World Series Champions for 1958. The ticket has remained in solid NR-MT condition for all these years. A choice item for your vintage baseball collection. $150

1963 World Series Ticket Game 2 - Koufax 15 strikeouts

honus wagner

honus wagner
ITEM 14: This scarce ticket is from the 1963 World Series. Game 1 of the World Series was played on October 2, 1963 at Yankee Stadium. Sandy Koufax struck out the first five New York Yankees batters and proceeded to strike out 15 in total. At the time this broke the previous record set by Carl Erskine who had 14 strikeouts in the 1953 World Series. The ticket stub makes for a nice display and remains in very good condition. Price $250

1975 World Champion Cincinnati Reds Souvenir T-shirt

ITEM 15: Here we are offering a very unusual 1975 Cincinnati Reds collectible. This item is a 1975 World Champion Cincinnati Reds Souvenir T-shirt complete with the Big Red Machine. The colorful baseball graphics on the front include an image of the Big Red Machine along with pennants and baseballs that identify the Cincinnati Reds as 1975 World Series Champions! Awesome baseball graphics and exceptional EX-MT condition. Price $150

1970ís Hank Aaron Wall of Fame Plaque

ITEM 16: Here we are offering a rare and unusual Hank Aaron collectible. This is a 1970ís Hank Aaron Wall of Fame Plaque MINT in the Original Box. Made of a plaster or chalk ware material, this display piece was made to resemble a Baseball Hall of Fame plaque. Neatly etched into the bottom edge is the maker, the Continental Distributing Company, of Waukesha, Wisconsin. The box measures 15"x 11 1/2" and remains in excellent condition, the plaque inside is in GEM MINT condition! Price $150

1891 Sporting Life Baseball Guide

ITEM 17: Offered here is a very rare 1891 Sporting Life Baseball Guide. Rare and highly desirable because 1891 was the one and only year that this guide was issued! This exceptional vintage baseball guide features coverage of the one-year Player's League. There are 212 pages which offer a fairly concise history of baseball. The guide also features about a dozen full page woodcuts including A. G. Spalding, Mike Kelly, and several lesser known League presidents and owners. There are not many examples of this 124 year old guide and this is the finest condition that we have encountered. The spine is tight, both front and back covers are securely attached and the color is very nice. A handsome guide that will fit nicely into any 19th century baseball collection! SOLD

Mickey Mantle Single Signed Baseball

ITEM 18: The offered item is a Mickey Mantle Single Signed Baseball. This fine vintage baseball was autographed by the New York Yankees legend, Mickey Mantle. Mantle is one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game. A 17 time All Star in 18 seasons, 3 MVP Awards, member of the 500 home run club, played in 12 different World Series Championships were he holds countless records, the list goes on and on. The autograph remains dark and bold on a Rawlings - Gene Budig, Official American League Baseball. The condition is solid NR-MT to MINT. SOLD

Turn of the Century Spalding Baseball Scoring Tablet

ITEM 19: Here we have a Turn of the Century Spalding Baseball Scoring Tablet. The fragile celluloid scorer features the Spalding baseball logo on the back side and it has dials on the face to keep track of hits, runs, errors, innings, and outs.  Everything is in working order and the overall condition is EX-MT. A very nice 19th century Spalding baseball piece for your collection. SOLD

1921 D&M Baseball Trophy

ITEM 20: This item is a vintage baseball trophy from 1921 made by the D&M Sporting Goods Company. The trophy features an embossed image of batsman on the loving cup along with the following inscription: CHAMPIONSHIP - Intermediate League - 1921 - Won By - Polish Nationals. The D&M logo is also embossed on the base. The trophy stands 10” tall and makes for a beautiful display, with note to a small hole below one handle. SOLD

Circa 1905 Honus Wagner Wire Photo

ITEM 21: Offered here is a Circa 1905 Honus Wagner Wire Photo. The original photo was trimmed and cropped for use in a publication or perhaps an advertisement. A great vintage baseball feel with the Pirates cap and high collar baseball jersey. Measuring 7” x 10.5” it would look great framed and make for an impressive display! Early Honus Wagner items are few and far between. This is great item to display among your antique baseball collection! SOLD

1920’s Canvas Baseball Bases

ITEM 22: Here we are offering a complete set of three vintage baseball bases that date from the 1920's. They are a matched set of three straw filled baseball bases with quilting on the top of each. The are made of canvas and with reinforced leather tabs on the sides, all of which remain intact. They are used but clean and remain in excellent condition. A great backdrop or compliment to your vintage baseball display. SOLD

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