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Vintage Baseball Uniforms


Vintage Baseball Jerseys

Turn of the Century Single-Buckle Baseball Belt

1960's Vintage batting helmet 1960's Vintage batting helmet
ITEM 1: This is a Very Scarce Turn of the Century Single-Buckle Belt. The offered vintage baseball belt is a red cotton web belt with a leather buckle strap attached. The exact style of belt is offered and shown in the attached image from an 1904 Spalding catalog. These antique baseball belts are few and far between... this one is a beautiful example. A wonderful item that can sit alone and or be matched to an appropriate uniform. In either case an awesome addition to your vintage baseball collection! SOLD

1910 - 1920's Baseball Uniform

1910s Grey with Navy Pinstripe Jersey
ITEM 2: This is a wonderful antique baseball uniform from the 1910-1920 era of baseball. This exceptional vintage baseball uniform with a scarce green pin-stripe on a light gray wool. The letters in HAWKS AC are made of navy blue felt. We are not sure of the history but presumably an athletic club of significant statue, as the uniform is top quality! The jersey itself is a very light gray or off-white with the same dark green pin striping. Just an awesome uniform in solid EX-MT condition! Price $350

1930's Princeton University Baseball Uniform

ITEM 3: Offered here is a 1930's vintage Baseball Uniform used by the University of Princeton, freshmen baseball team. Acquired from A Princeton University alum, this wonderful antique baseball uniform was what the freshman team used during this era. The sewn on lettering is made of black felt. The uniform is of the highest quality but the maker's tags are not present. A striking vintage baseball uniform with great eye appeal! The condition is solid NR-MT! Price $375

1920’s Vintage Baseball Sweater

ITEM 4: Offered here is a 1920's Vintage Baseball Sweater. These sweaters are few and far between, probably because they were worn out long after they were used as an athletic garment. It features two small pockets on the front and retains all of it's original buttons. This sweater is made of navy blue wool and features a light blue "L" sewn onto the left side of the chest. It is a nice large size and remains in exceptional EX-MT condition! A scarce item for your antique baseball collection! Price $275

1910-20’s Spalding Baseball Uniform

ITEM 5: This is an exceptional 1910-20’s Spalding Baseball Uniform. This vintage baseball relic is a matching jersey and pants in an unusual color combination. The material is a light tan wool with dark green pin striping. A lighter green felt emblem is sewn onto the left chest. Made of the highest quality, the pullover jersey features the Spalding cloth patch and the same patch is also found in the pants. This gorgeous vintage baseball uniform remains in wonderful, EX-MT condition. An outstanding display for the vintage baseball collector! Price $375

1920-30’s Baseball Uniform

ITEM 6: The offered item is a 1920-30’s Baseball Uniform. This fine antique baseball uniform is a gray wool with navy blue pin striping and a navy blue, block letter “M” in felt sewn onto the left chest. The uniform is of professional quality but there are no manufacturers tags. This exceptional uniform remains in solid EX-MT condition and will make a great display among your vintage baseball memorabilia! SOLD

1950’s New York Yankees Uniform - Youth

ITEM 7: The offered item is a 1950’s New York Yankees Uniform, made for a small youth. The quality and craftsmanship of this vintage baseball uniform are excellent. The applied NY logo is of navy blue felt on the traditional Yankees pinstripes. A scarce and desirable New York Yankees collectible that will make an awesome display item. The condition is solid NR-MT! SOLD

1950's Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Uniform

1950's Philadelphia Phillies Youth Uniform
ITEM 8: This is a 1950's Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Uniform, youth size and exceptionally clean. The quality and craftsmanship of this vintage baseball uniform are excellent. The applied "Phillies" lettering is of red felt on a gray with red pinstripes. A scarce and desirable Philadelphia Phillies collectible that will make an awesome display item. The condition is solid NR-MT! Price $175

1950's Baseball Batting Helmet made by Wilson

1960's Vintage batting helmet
ITEM 9: This is a vintage 1950's Baseball Batting Helmet made by Wilson. It is a model A5332, a helmet of professional quality. The original interior padding remains intact and the helmet is void of any cracks or breaks. Batting helmets from this era are super scarce because they were discarded as "unsafe" in favor of the newer models which protected the ear or ears. This particular vintage batting helmet helmet remains in wonderful EX-MT condition! SOLD

1920’s Vintage Baseball Shoes

1896 Boston Style cap
ITEM 10: This is an exceptional pair of vintage 1920's Baseball Shoes. These antique baseball cleats are a wonderful representation from this era. The are constructed of high quality, black leather. They possess their original cleats, original laces and they remain in splendid EX-MT condition. They make a great compliment to any uniform from a similar period and equally charming as they stand alone. SOLD

1900-10’s Striped Baseball Socks, MINT

1896 Boston Style cap 1896 Boston Style cap
ITEM 11: This is a pair of 1900-10’s Striped Baseball Socks. This unique piece of vintage baseball equipment comes in the form of a pair of striped, vintage baseball socks that remain in pristine condition! These are the first pair of pristine baseball sockets that we have ever seen. They are an awesome looking pair, striped throughout the entire sock. Additionally, a wonderful paper label featuring a full color baseball scene remains attached to the socks. A great looking and very unique piece of vintage baseball equipment! SOLD

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