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Vintage Baseballs


Antique Baseballs

1850’s 6-Panel Lemon Peel Baseball

ITEM 1: The offered vintage baseball is a very scarce Six Panel, 1850's Lemon Peel style baseball. This unusual variation on the four piece lemon peel baseball is a true rarity. We have handled more than our fair share of 19th century baseballs over the last 24 years. Many standard lemon peels and a handful of variations. We are pleased to offer this example as an exceptional representation from the era. The six piece construction comes together nice and tightly at each end. The stitching is firmly intact and the baseball retains it's spherical shape ideally! Somewhat larger than a standard baseball, it makes for an impressive display piece. A museum quality cornerstone piece for your 19th century baseball collection. SOLD

19th Century Figure-8 style baseball

ITEM 2: Offered here is a very impressive 19th Century Figure-8 style Baseball. This fine antique baseball has a perfect patina and looks amazing. The above image is poor, the ball is very impressive in reality. The medium brown leather is consistent throughout. This vintage baseball holds it's spherical shape perfectly and has all of the original stitching tightly in place. A wonderful addition to any 19th century baseball collection! SOLD

19th Century Baseball - Harwood BOSS

ITEM 3: Offered here is a turn of the century BOSS model baseball made by the Harwood Baseball Manufacturing Company. This is an exceptional antique baseball which dates to the prime of the deadball era. Baseballs from this era were often given colorful names like; BOUNDER, ROCKET, CHAMPION, PITCHER'S PRIDE, etc... This particular baseball we have never seen before! The condition is solid EX-MT with strong markings and the spherical shape is well preserved. A very scarce vintage baseball. SOLD

19th Century Baseball - BOUNDER No. 15

ITEM 4: This impressive baseball dates from the 19th century and amazingly it remains in flawless MINT condition. There is no maker identified on the baseball. Most likely it was from a box which held four or six baseballs, which was common during this era. A great opportunity to add a scarce, high quality, antique baseball to your vintage sports memorabilia collection! SOLD

1900-1910 Baseball - Reach AERO

ITEM 5: This unusual antique baseball dates from the era of 1900-1910. It is slightly smaller than today's standard nine inch baseball. This style of baseball was often refereed to as a nickel ball, as they commonly sold for 5 cents. This baseball is the AERO model which was made by the A. J. Reach Sporting Goods company. This is the first example of this model that we have seen. A very scarce baseball in VG condition with strong markings. SOLD

1910’s John A. Spinney Sporting Goods Company - Official League Baseball

ITEM 6: Offered here is a very scarce 1910's Baseball with 2-colored stitching. Made by the John A. Spinney Sporting Goods Company. It was their Official League Baseball which featured a horsehide cover and guarantee of 18 innings. This is the first baseball we have seen from this maker. The logo is very nice with a full body image of a period batsman in vintage baseball garb. A great opportunity to add a scarce, high quality, vintage baseball to your antique sports memorabilia collection! SOLD

1910s Red & Black Stitched Draper & Maynard, University League Baseball

ITEM 7: The offered vintage baseball is a rather scarce, 1910’s Red & Black Stitched Draper & Maynard, University League Baseball. This unique, vintage baseball features a bold D&M logo and below on the sweet-spot the unusual University League marking. The ball is consistent in color, actually much closer to white than the image appears. It exhibits very modest use and makes for a wonderful display item for the D&M collector or vintage baseball collector. Solid EX-MT condition! Price $350

1910’s Red and Black Stitched Baseball

ITEM 8: Here we have a wonderful example of the red and black stitched baseball used during the 1910's. The Official National League baseballs used during this era were made by Spalding and always had the red and black stitching. Similarly, the Official American League baseballs were made by the AJ Reach sporting goods company and always had red and blue colored stitching. No markings are present on this example so the maker is unknown. A fantastic vintage baseball from this era with an ideal patina.The condition is EX-MT. Price $150

1920-30’s Falstaff Red and Blue Stitched Baseball

ITEM 9: Here we are offering a vintage Falstaff Official League baseball with red and blue stitching. An attractive logo and nice markings make this an awesome baseball in and of itself. A choice item for the collector of vintage baseballs. However, this baseball includes an additional point of interest. Dizzy Dean was part of the Falstaff advertising campaign and he hand signed this baseball on the north panel. The autograph is light but easily readable. So this unique baseball is a beauty as a stand alone antique baseball but also doubles as a single signed Dizzy Dean baseball. A great looking, and unique baseball for your vintage baseball collection. SOLD

1940’s Special League Baseball in Sealed Box

ITEM 10: Here we are offering a 1940's Special League Baseball still sealed in the original box. This vintage baseball was distributed by Big Hit and it was their Special League model No. 61. The box is red, white and blue, and features baseball graphics on all sides. A very nice looking vintage baseball box which remains in solid NR-MT to MINT condition. A top quality and high grade item that will fit nicely into any antique baseball collection. Price $175

1940's Rawlings Baseball in the Original Box

ITEM 11: The offered vintage baseball is a 1940's Official League Model Baseball. It was made by the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company. Rawlings was one of the leading makers of a full line of sporting goods during this era. This fine antique baseball remains untouched inside it's original box which grades NR-MT to MINT condition with the seal still intact and unbroken. Great vintage baseball graphics on the side panels! Price $200

1930-40’s Harwood Official League Baseballs Case Box

ITEM 12: Here we have a very rare offering of a Full Case of One Dozen Official League Baseballs. Made by Harwood, one of the oldest makers of baseballs, each of these twelve vintage baseballs is housed in it's own individual box and the dozen is housed in the master, case box. The master box is green, yellow and black, and is very attractive with neat baseball graphics. The individual boxes are red, white and black and all but one or two of the baseballs have never been touched. The model CC is found on both the case box and each individual baseball. This is a scarce opportunity to add a wonderful rarity to your antique baseball collection! Price $650

1951-1954 Piedmont League Baseball in the Original Bag

ITEM 13: 1951-1954 Piedmont League Baseball in the Original Bag. This scarce vintage baseball dates to the years between 1951 and 1954. Frank L. Summers is identified on the baseball and he was the president of the Piedmont League during this era. The baseball was made by the A. G. Spalding & Brothers sporting goods company and has never been used. It comes with it's original bag which remains in EX-MT condition. A great and hard to find item for the collector of antique baseball. Price $225

1940’s Hyde Park Sporting Goods, Official League Baseball in Sealed Box

ITEM 14: The offered vintage baseball was was manufactured by the Hyde Park Sporting Goods Company. It is their Official League baseball, model P 1270. It comes in it's original box which has remained sealed for all these years. The attractive box features vintage baseball graphics from the era. The condition is exceptional and grades NR-MT to MINT. A top quality, top condition item for your antique baseball collection! Price $200

1940’s Official League No. 90 Baseball, MINT in sealed Box

ITEM 15: Offered here is a 1940’s Official League, Model No. 90 Baseball, MINT in sealed Box. The antique baseball comes housed in a beautifully decorated box featuring detailed baseball graphics throughout. The box remains sealed and presents in wonderful NR-MT to MINT condition. An awesome item from this era of baseball and a great looking piece for any vintage baseball collection! SOLD

1950’s Ted Williams, Sears Model Baseball, MINT in Box

K&L League Special
ITEM 16: This is a 1950’s Ted Williams, Sears & Roebuck Co. Model Baseball, MINT in the Original Picture Box. After his legendary career with the Boston Red Sox, Ted Williams became an advisor for Sears & Roebuck Company for their entire line of sporting goods. Including fishing and hunting, as Williams was an avid outdoors man. The box features great graphics of Ted Williams and remains in NR-MT to MINT condition. The baseball was wrapped for many decades and only opened for the image above. William's facsimile signature is located above the sweet-spot and the baseball is pristine MINT condition. A wonderful addition for the vintage baseball collector. Price $275

1950’s Reach Official American League Baseball, President Joe Cronin

ITEM 17: 1950 - 1960 ’s Reach Official American League Baseball, President Joe Cronin. One of the growing areas of vintage baseball memorabilia collecting continues to be that of the Official American League and Official National League baseballs. This vintage baseball was made by Reach to be used explicitly in games played by the professional teams of the American League. It is an exquisite example of this antique baseball in it's pristine box. Solid NR-MT to MINT condition! SOLD

1973 George Sosnak Baseball of Roberto Clemente

ITEM 18: The offered vintage baseball is a 1973 George Sosnak Baseball of Roberto Clemente. This exceptional baseball is without a doubt one of the finest Sosnak has ever created. George Sosnak (1922-1992) was a minor league baseball umpire who had a genuine and authentic passion for the game of baseball and its players. A quick search of his name will yield a wealth of information on the history of his passion and the creating of these works of art, which he most often simply presented to the player, person or organization as a gift. He lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and had a particular affection for the Pirates. This baseball recognizes Roberto Clemente, arguably the greatest player to ever wear the Pirates uniform and surly a favorite of Sosnak. In typical fashion this baseball is loaded with facts, statistics and great moments related to Roberto Clemente and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Also, of course, including a few renditions of Clemente. The baseball has been cherished and loved since it's creation as it has remained in flawless condition. The condition and color are even more impressive in person! A scarce opportunity to add an amazing museum quality piece to your vintage baseball collection. SOLD

1910's Schmeltzer Arms Company Red and Black Stitched Baseball

ITEM 19: Offered here is a very rare, vintage baseball from the 1910's era. The baseball is the variety with two colored stitching. The stitching is red and black and the maker is the Schmeltzer Arms Company. The baseball is their Official League Ball, as indicated on the sweetspot below their logo. On the opposing side of the baseball is the Schmeltzer Arms Company scripted logo. This unique vintage baseball has excellent eye appeal and remains in NR-MT condition. These unique and exceptional vintage baseballs continue to be among the hottest items for the collectors of vintage sports equipment. This one is a beauty! SOLD

1910’s Simmons Hardware Co. Baseball Mint in Box

ITEM 20: Offered here is a 1910's Simmons Hardware Company Baseball MINT in the Original Box. Along with Winchester, Schmeltzer and a few other fire arms and hardware companies, Simmons also offered baseball equipment. The offered vintage baseball was the Interscholastic League model by Simmons Hardware Company. This baseball and box combination is an exceptional example. The red and blue stitched baseball has never been used, it's very clean with dark and bold markings. The box remains in excellent condition and having the paper seal intact is a nice addition. A great opportunity to add a scarce, high quality baseball to your vintage sports memorabilia collection! SOLD

1910's Harwood Official Indoor Baseball MINT in Original Box

ITEM 21: Offered here is a scarce 1910’s era Indoor Baseball made by H. Harwood & Sons out of Natick, Mass. This novel item was made by one of the leading baseball makers during the era. This very high quality, vintage indoor baseball remains in flawless unused condition and it's complete with the original box. The ball itself features red and blue stitching and the markings are dark, bold and crisp! The box remains in excellent condition with the paper label neatly intact. A great opportunity to add a scarce, high quality baseball to your vintage sports memorabilia collection! SOLD

1930’s Ol’Reliable Official League Baseball in Original Box

ITEM 22: Here we have an unusual 1930's Ol'Reliable brand Official League Baseball in the Original Box. This attractive baseball and box combination is one that we have not seen in the past. The vintage baseball is an Official League model with nice markings and it appears to have never been used. The box is multicolored and remains in excellent condition. These high quality, antique baseballs in high grade condition continue to be hot items among the vintage sports equipment collectors! SOLD

1930’s Regulation Adoption League Baseball in Sealed Box

ITEM 23: Here we are offering a 1930's Regulation Adoption League baseball still sealed in the original box. This baseball was distributed by the Great Western Athletic Goods company from Chicago, Illinois. Interestingly Wilson Sporting Goods (also located in Chicago) offered baseballs of the Adoption League variety but there is no known link between the two companies. The box features great baseball graphics and a unique paper seal that remains unbroken. The seal is the typical one inch wide paper band that goes around the entire box, but this seal is shaped like a baseball on the top panel. The baseball has markings on it which show what the baseball inside looks like. A scarce and high quality baseball, the first of it's kind that we have handled. The condition is solid EX-MT to NR-MT. SOLD


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