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Vintage Basketball Equipment

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Antique Basketball Equipment

1900-1910's Basketball Knee Pads

ITEM 1: Here we are offering a very early pair of vintage basketball knee pads. They are very primitive in design, just a pad of compressed felt covered with canvas. All of the straps are intact, including the often missing or removed, center strap. This is possibly the earliest pair of antique basketball pads that we have handled and they remain in exceptional EX-MT condition. A great opportunity to add a rare vintage basketball item to your collection. SOLD

1910's Vintage Basketball Knee Pads

ITEM 2: Here we are offering a very desirable style of vintage basketball knee pads. The padding consists of vertical ribs of padding, five on each pad. The elastic at the top and bottom of each pad remains intact, as well as the often missing center strap on the backside. These antique basketball kneepads have remained very clean and the overall condition is solid EX-MT. A great opportunity to add a scarce basketball item to your collection. Price $250

RARE 1920’s Black Leather Basketball Knee Pads

ITEM 3: RARE 1920ís Black Leather Basketball Knee Pads. This is an exceptional pair of antique basketball knee pads. The maker is unknown but they are positively of the highest quality. The leather remains in wonderful condition, as soft and supple as the day they were made. They feature a leather strap and buckle to secure them in place. Also there is a small pad on the strap. Both the pad and the inside of the knee pads are lined with a wool padding, similar to sheep's skin. A unique style of vintage basketball knee pads. The overall condition is solid NR-MT! A great addition to any vintage basketball collection! Price $175

Vintage 1930's Laced Basketball

ITEM 4: Here we are offering a 1930's Antique Laced Basketball. Collecting the various styles of leather basketballs with rawhide laces is very popular among vintage basketball and vintage sports collectors alike. The offered vintage basketball is a gorgeous example from the 1930ís. The light brown leather is highlighted by the darker areas, the areas that show wear, or patina! This antique basketball is ready for display, it retains its spherical shape perfectly as a new bladder has been installed to allow the ball to hold air. The basketball remains soft and supple, you could actually dribble and play with this vintage basketball! As shown above, it has wonderful patina which makes for it's ideal vintage appearance. The quality and condition are exceptional. Solid EX-MT. Price $375

1930's Spalding LaceLess Basketball

ITEM 5: Offered here is a very rare, 1930's Spalding LaceLess Basketball. I do believe that MacGregor GoldSmith patented the LaceLess design but Spalding was quick to follow. This exceptional vintage basketball is Spalding's Official OLYMPIC Laceless Model 112. The offered antique basketball is a wonderful example of the Laceless basketball and represents the first style of such offered. The markings are strong and very visible, particularly the Spalding logo. This antique basketball will make for a great display as it holds air perfectly and has a beautiful patina. The quality and condition are exceptional. Solid EX-MT. Price $275

Vintage Laced Basketball 1930's

ITEM 6: Here we are offering a 1930's Vintage Laced Leather Basketball. This antique laced basketball is an exceptional example for the era. The basketball is made from a very dark leather that remains soft and supple to this day. The ball has had a new bladder professionally installed so it holds air perfectly, and makes for an impressive display. It could be used to play a game today! Collecting the different styles of leather basketballs with rawhide laces is very popular among vintage basketball and vintage sports collectors alike! As shown above, it has wonderful patina which makes for it's ideal vintage appearance. The quality and condition are exceptional. Solid EX-MT. SOLD

1930's MacGregor GoldSmith LaceLess Basketball

ITEM 7: Here we are offering a LaceLess Basketball from the 1930's. This unique basketball is the first of the LaceLess design! As indicated by the markings on the basketball, MacGregor GoldSmith was the "original laceless basketball." This unusual leather basketball has remained in choice condition with great markings and soft, supple leather. The ball holds air perfectly and makes for an eye catching display. As shown above, it has wonderful patina which makes for it's ideal vintage appearance. The quality and condition are exceptional. Solid EX-MT. SOLD

1930's D&M Basketball Knee Pads

ITEM 8: Here we are offering a fine pair of Vintage Basketball Knee Pads made by D&M. The Draper and Maynard Athletic Goods Company logo and model number D49 are found on each knee pad. These basketball knee pads date from the 1930's. The condition is amazing, as it appears they have seen very little if any time on the hardwood. They are complete with both original straps and the condition is solid NR-MT to MINT. A rare opportunity to add these high quality, choice condition pads to your antique basketball collection! Price $200

1930's Lowe & Campbell Basketball Knee Pads MINT in Box

ITEM 9: For your consideration we offer the following 1930's Lowe & Campbell Basketball Knee Pads MINT in the Original Box. These are the highest quality basketball knee pads we have seen in quite a long time. Made by the Lowe and Campbell Athletic Goods Company, these exceptional pads remain in unused condition and come housed in their original box. Both pads feature the Lowe & Campbell logo and model number B125X2 stamped onto the front. Perhaps the finest pair of vintage basketball knee pads that we have ever handled. The pads are MINT and the box is EX-MT. SOLD


1935 - 1936 Trophy Basketball Spalding

ITEM 10: Offered here is an Antique Leather Basketball made by Spalding - that is also a Trophy Basketball. This fine vintage basketball trophy was presented to Lasalle & Koch's as the Champions of the Ohio Indiana Basketball League. The basketball (presumably the game ball) has been painted to indicate that in the Championship game the Lasalles were victors over the Toledo Scales by a score of 46 - 34. Also included are the names of the ten players, and that the Lasalles were in fact undefeated during the season. The basketball itself features strong markings which include the Spalding logo and model No. DL. The leather remains supple and the ball holds air to allow for an awesome display! A scarce and unique item for the vintage basketball collector, it remains in solid EX-MT condition. Price $300

Vintage Basketball Knee Pads - Stahl & Dean

ITEM 11: Offered here we have a pair of 1930’s Antique Basketball Knee Pads made by the Stahl & Dean Sporting Goods Company from Brockton Mass. The face of these vintage knee pads are of a red satin material. Both of the straps are original and intact. Each is marked with the Stahl and Dean logo along with the model number 1000. They are of an unusual design and make for an interesting variation. The condition is wonderful, they have seen minimal use if any and remain in NR-MT condition! SOLD

1955 Trophy Basketball made by Spalding

Item 12: This Vintage Basketball doubles as a beautiful, antique basketball trophy! The antique basketball is a top quality basketball that was made by the Spalding Sporting Goods company, the Official Top-Flite model 100. The ball shows minimal use and is carefully painted with the year 1955, and all the details from this important game. Hopewell and Monaca were the teams, with Hopewell winning 61 to 45. A very scarce item and a beautiful addition to any vintage sports display or basketball collection! Price $175

1950's Bob Cousy Facsimile Signed Basketball

ITEM 13: Here we are offering a 1950ís Bob Cousy endorsed basketball, made by the Seamless Rubber Company. This exceptional vintage basketball is endorsed by basketball legend, Bob Cousy. Bob Cousy played 13 seasons of professional basketball. From 1950 to 1963 he played every year for the Boston Celtics. He made the all-star team EVERY YEAR and is a member of the basketball hall of fame. The basketball is a wonderful example and only the second one that we have encountered. The facsimile signature is bold and bright and the ball itself remains in exceptional EX-MT condition. Price $175

Vintage Basketball Box - Billy Cunningham

ITEM 14: Here we are offering a 1960ís Bill Cunningham picture box for the Wilson Indestructo basketball that was endorsed by Billy Cunningham himself. The box features a beautiful, multi color image of Billy Cunningham wearing his number 32 Philadelphia 76er's jersey. He played 9 seasons with the Sixers in the NBA and two seasons in the ABA with the Carolina Cougars. This scarce box is a great advertising piece and display piece as well. The condition is solid EX-MT. Price $175

1920-30’s Joe Lapchick Model Basketball Shoes

ITEM 15: Here we have an EXTREMELY RARE and incredible pair of vintage basketball shoes! Certainly among the finest pairs that we have ever owned, they remain in stunning condition and are endorsed by Joe Lapchic, having his facsimile signature on the ankle patches and bottoms of both shoes! Lapchick played professional basketball and is best known for playing with the Original Celtics in the 1920s and 1930s. He was arguably the best center of his era. He ended his playing career in 1937 to become the head coach at St. John's University. Then in 1947 he took over the New York Knicks in the NBA where he coached until 1957. He took the Celtics to three consecutive NBA Finals in 1951, 1952 and 1953. The connection to Lapchick is great but the shoes themselves are the real stunner! Most impressive is the overall condition and that the rubber remains pliable, almost like new. They are a size 8 and ready for the hardwood! SOLD

1920’s Laced Basketball made by Draper & Maynard

ITEM 16: Here we are offering a vintage 1920ís Laced Basketball. This exceptional vintage basketball was made by the Draper & Maynard Sporting Goods Company. It has remained in wonderful condition with the D&M logo and information clearly shown on the ball. It is a high quality basketball with supple leather and it retains it's spherical shape.  Collecting the various styles of leather basketballs with rawhide laces is very popular among vintage basketball and vintage sports collectors alike. The offered vintage basketball is a wonderful example. As evident in the image above it has an ideal vintage appearance. The quality and condition are exceptional. Solid EX-MT. SOLD

1916 - 1917 Spalding Basketball Guide

ITEM 17: The following is a 1916 - 1917 Spalding Official Basketball Guide. This guide is an outstanding source for vintage basketball information. Inside includes a 28 page section on the rules and regulations. The bulk of the guide is packed with hundreds of pages that list and show team photos of several hundred college and university basketball teams from Ivy League to small town schools... amazing! The condition is VG with note to the partial loss of the back cover's edge. SOLD

Vintage Laced Basketball - 1910's

ITEM 18: Offered here is a 1910ís suede leather laced basketball with outer seams. This wonderful antique basketball holds air perfectly and maintains it's spherical shape for an awesome display. An unusual and interesting characteristic of this basketball is that the seams are left on the outside rather than the inside. Some sporting goods catalogs refer to this ball as an "outside basketball." The idea was that having the seams turned out would allow the ball receive less wear and therefore last longer. An interesting innovation and a great looking laced basketball. Very popular among collectors of antique basketball items, these laced basketballs are always in demand and this one is an exceptional example in condition and quality. Very scarce, EX-MT. SOLD

Antique Basketball Rim with Net

ITEM 19: Here we are offering a very rare and impressive 1910-20ís basketball rim complete with the original net. We have handled a few of these over the years, mostly just the basketball rim. Having the original net is very rare and a great addition for the look and display ability. This fine antique basketball goal is clean and sturdy, a great centerpiece for you vintage basketball collection. A true rarity. SOLD

Vintage 1920’s Wright & Ditson - Victor Laced Basketball

ITEM 20: We are offering here a vintage laced basketball from the season of 1922-23. This exceptional antique basketball was made by the Wright & Ditson - Victor sporting goods company. The ball was decorated with the season of 1922-23, players' names and "Portland Champs" to create this unique basketball trophy. Very reminiscent of team photos where the basketball is shown featuring the date and such. This was a basketball of the highest quality and it remains is wonderful, EX-MT condition. SOLD  

Vintage 1930’s Chuck Taylor Basketball

ITEM 21: Here we are offering an outstanding basketball that has been endorsed by Chuck Taylor. The basketball is a Wilson model CTO which recognizes the same Chuck Taylor as the famed Converse Chuck Taylor basketball sneakers. The question of Chuck Taylor's basketball career is a bit suspect. There are reports of him playing professional basketball for the Akron Firestones, a team from Ohio. However, the records are flimsy but the name is not. This is the first Chuck Taylor model basketball that we have encountered. The ball holds air making for a great display. The condition is EX-MT. SOLD

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