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Vintage Basketball Memorabilia


Antique Basketball Memorabilia

1936 Figural Basketball Trophy

ITEM 1: This fine vintage basketball trophy was presented in 1936. It is inscribed, “1936 foul shooting champ.” It measures 11’ tall and features a full figure basketball player reaching up with a laced basketball. A rather heavy and substantial antique basketball trophy that remains in EX-MT condition. Price $125

Antique Basketball Pennant - New York Knickerbockers

ITEM 2: This crisp 1960's New York Knickerbockers Vintage Basketball Pennant is both a fantastic addition to a personal collection and a Knicks fan's must have. Featured on this pennant we find a detailed orange outline-style graphic of two basketball players sporting their vintage uniforms on a rich blue felt background. This full size unique piece measures 29" in length and is in EX-MT condition! Price $125

1929 Antique Basketball Trophy

ITEM 3: Here we are offering a 1929 Figural Basketball Trophy. This gorgeous and high quality antique basketball trophy was made by the Lowe & Campbell Sporting Goods Company. It measures 9 inches tall and features a very detailed full body figure of a vintage basketball player sporting period garb and holding a vintage laced basketball. The trophy reads, "Basket Ball - Champions - Columbiana County - 1929." The trophy is more silver in color than indicated by the image above and the finish is flawless and could be polished to a brilliant shine if desired. A striking display piece for your vintage basketball collection! SOLD

1909 Pen & Ink Image - Cornell University Lady Basketball Player

ITEM 4: This is a very attractive Pen & Ink image of a Cornell University Lady Basketball Player. This is a wonderful depiction which features the Player in her Ivy League sweater holding a plump leather laced basketball. The image measures, 8.5”x 14” framed. It is also signed and dated. the date is Nov 1909 and the signature appears to be Karl Thayer Souley. The marking on the original frame backing is from EDWIN F. SMITH'S art store, Osborn Block, Ithica, N.Y. The overall condition is EX-MT! Price $300

1907 Basketball Team Photograph in Original Frame

ITEM 5: 1907 Basketball Team Photograph in Original Frame.  Dr. James Naismith created the game of basketball in 1891, this exceptionally old basketball photograph shows a six man team just sixteen years later. The quality of the photo is superb with perfect contrast. It comes housed in it's original 13"x 15" frame that has helped to preserve the wonderful condition for 106 years! A rare opportunity to add this fine piece from basketball's beginning to your sports memorabilia collection. The condition is solid EX-MT. Price $175

1909-10 Two-Piece Basketball Award Medal

ITEM 6: This is a 1909-1910 Two-Piece Basketball Award Medal. This exquisite vintage basketball award was issued to L. J. McFadden in the season of 1909-10 as 2nd prize for the number of points scored. The award is finely detailed with stars and wreaths around the border and an embossed laced basketball in the center. The information is inscribed in blue against the silver background for an overall striking appearance. A very ornate and high quality vintage basketball collectible that remains in gorgeous NR-MT condition! Price $175

1909-10 Basketball Award Medal / Pin

ITEM 7: Offered here is a 1909-1910 Basketball Award Medal / Pin. This unusual award is a very early piece of vintage basketball memorabilia, issued less than 20 years since the game's origination in 1891. The award recognizes the Rockwood Basketball Team from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the individual champions of the 1909-10 season. It is silver with a finely detailed laced basketball embossed in the center. The exceptional EX-MT to NR-MT condition will make for a fine display among your vintage basketball items. Price $100

Vintage Basketball Trophy / Plaque - 1930

ITEM 8: 1930 Basketball Trophy / Plaque. This unusual vintage basketball trophy / plaque was made by the W. B. Manufacturing Company. They specialized in figural trophies for all sports. This unique piece features a full bodied basketball player embossed in silver on a black, metal background. It is nicely inscribed and dated 1930 in a silver flowing banner above the figure. The original hanging chain remains entirely intact. A wonderful and very scarce antique basketball piece that remains in solid EX-MT condition! Price $175

Antique College Basketball Pennant - Stetson University

ITEM 9: This Stetson University College Football Pennant dates to the 1950's era. Featured on this pennant we find a graphic of the Stetson Hatter carrying a football and spinning a basketball on his finger backed by a crisp green felt background. This full size 29" pennant is in EX-MT condition! Price $150

1920-30's Brass Basketball “Champions” Belt Buckle

ITEM 10: 1920-30's Brass Basketball “Champions” Belt Buckle. This is a terrific and very unique vintage basketball collectible. This fine belt buckle was made of brass and was expertly crafted with exquisite detail. It has a 1920's art deco appeal with embossed images of a laced basketball, full body basketball player, the word "CHAMPIONS" and the letter H with red an blue enamel inlay. A very ornate and high quality vintage basketball collectible that remains in gorgeous EX-MT condition! Price $150

1955 Trophy Basketball made by Spalding

Item 11: This fine antique basketball doubles as a beautiful, vintage basketball trophy! The basketball is a top quality example that was made by the Spalding Sporting Goods company, the Official Top-Flite model 100. The ball shows minimal use and is carefully painted with the year 1955, and all the details from this important game. Hopewell and Monaca were the teams, with Hopewell winning 61 to 45. A very scarce item and a beautiful addition to any vintage sports display or basketball collection! SOLD

1910 Girls Basketball Championship Banner from LA County

Item 12: This is a Very Large and Ornate 1910 Girls Championship Basketball Banner.  This unique piece of vintage basketball memorabilia measures 25"x 35" and recognizes the Los Angeles County High School Girls Basketball Athletic League City Section Championship team for 1910 as – won by LONG BEACH.  Only 19 years after James Naismith created the game of basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts this banner was very detailed banner was created on the other side of the country! It is very well made of blue and gold wool felt with a polished cotton backing and very ornate fringe and binding material. It has remained in quite fine condition with scattered moth bites and minimal fading. A very striking display piece to add a nice splash of color to your antique basketball collection! SOLD

1906-07 Basketball Team Photograph in Original Frame

Item 13: 1906-07 Basketball Team Photograph in Original Frame.  This wonderful antique basketball photograph dates from just fifteen years after Dr. James Naismith created the game! The seven man team is nicely posed in matching vintage basketball uniform with the team manager at back center. The photo is positively gorgeous and remains in its original frame which measures 12"x 14". A great display item for any vintage basketball collection! The condition is solid EX-MT. SOLD

1910’s Canvas and Leather Basketball Carrier

Item 14: 1910’s Canvas and Leather Basketball Carrier. The vintage basketball is NOT included in this listing. The offered item is this very scarce, canvas and leather basketball carrier. That's right!... a special bag that fits perfectly just one basketball. This is how things of importance were taken care of 90-100 years ago. This bag has survived in wonderful condition with the leather remaining supple, the buckle and strap remain intact and the canvas is free of any rips, holes or tears. A very scarce and interesting vintage basketball collectible. The condition is NR-MT! SOLD

1931 Laced Basketball Trophy

Item 15: Offered here is a Beautiful 1931 Laced Basketball Trophy. This wonderful antique basketball trophy was presented to the Girls Champions of Kingfisher County in the year 1931. The trophy is silver in color and is in the form of an actual, almost full size laced basketball. It has an ideal patina that will compliment any vintage basketball collection. Measuring 10 1/2 inches tall it remains in solid EX-MT condition. SOLD

1930’s Art Deco Basketball “Bookends”

Item 16: Offered here is a pair of 1930’s Art Deco Basketball “Bookends.” This unusual pair of vintage basketball bookends has wonderful art deco appeal, the solid black with gold trim and detail looks great! They have remained in exceptional NR-MT condition and will make for a fine display among your vintage basketball items. SOLD

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