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Vintage Catcher's Gear


Antique Catcher's Gear

Turn of the Century Birdcage-Style Catcherís Mask

1910’s “Goggle-Eye” Catcher’s Mask made by Draper & Maynard 1910’s “Goggle-Eye” Catcher’s Mask made by Draper & Maynard
ITEM 1: This is a Turn of the Century Birdcage-Style Catcher’s Mask. Among the first styles of face protection, this is known as a "birdcage" style mask because it is made of wire that is held together only by bends and clips, predating those with welds or soldering. The quality is exceptional and it remains in wonderful EX-MT condition. This fine vintage catcher's mask will make for an impressive display among your antique baseball collection! Price $450

1900-1910s Vintage Baseball Catcher's Mask

1910’s “Goggle-Eye” Catcher’s Mask made by Draper & Maynard
ITEM 2: This is a 1900-1910's "Goggle-Eye" Catcher's Mask. Definitely one of the finest condition examples that we have handled. This antique mask exhibits little to no use and remains in stunning NR-MT condition. All of the original pads are intact as well as the original head strap. A fabulous display item for your vintage baseball memorabilia collection. SOLD

1910 - 1920's Baseball Chest Protector - Spalding

1930’s Baseball Chest Protector made by Spalding 1930’s Baseball Chest Protector made by Spalding
ITEM 3: Here we are offering a circa 1910-20ís Baseball Chest Protector. Made by the A. G. Spalding Sporting Goods Company, this exceptional vintage chest protector is their Model 4P. This protector is an unusual olive green in color and features the Spalding logo and Model 4P stamped on to the front. Made to the highest quality standards it is bound in leather and complete with original straps. A wonderful EX-MT example for your vintage baseball catcher's display! SOLD

1920's Baseball Catcher's Mask - Goggle Eye

1910’s “Goggle-Eye” Catcher’s Mask made by Draper & Maynard 1910’s “Goggle-Eye” Catcher’s Mask made by Draper & Maynard
ITEM 4: Here we are offering a vintage baseball catcher's mask from the early 1920’s. This is among the last examples of the google-eye style mask. It shows the transition into the "spitter mask" era, having a primitive spit hole and full padding. This vintage mask remains in exceptional EX-MT condition with all original padding and straps in place. An unusual mask from this time period and a great addition to any vintage baseball collection. Price $175

1900-10’s Spalding Inflatable Chest Protector

ITEM 5: Here we are offering a unique and always popular, 1900-10’s Spalding Inflatable Chest Protector. This is a beautiful example which was made Spalding. These protectors are difficult to find in any condition. The large rubber bladders were prone to drying out, becoming brittle and often breaking into pieces. This is a high quality example that remains completely intact. A true rarity in the vintage baseball equipment world. With the red Spalding cloth patch located front and center, this protector makes for a wonderful display. The condition is solid EX-MT to NR-MT. SOLD

1910’s Spalding Model A Catcher’s Mask

ITEM 6: Offered here is an exceptional 1910’s catcher's mask. It was made by the A. G. Spalding & Bros. sporting goods company. It is identified on the chin pad, in nearly perfect markings, as their "Model A." This fine vintage baseball mask was a high quality example in it's day and it remains in exceptional NR-MT condition with all of the original pads and straps. An interesting and clean mask that will make for a great display among your antique baseball items! SOLD

Draper & Maynard Baseball Catcher's Mask with white leather padding

1910’s “Goggle-Eye” Catcher’s Mask made by Draper & Maynard 1910’s “Goggle-Eye” Catcher’s Mask made by Draper & Maynard
ITEM 7: Here we are offering a very scarce and unusual vintage baseball catcher's mask. This is a 1920’s Catcher's Mask with White Leather Padding. The mask dates from the 1920's and was made by the Draper & Maynard Sporting Goods Company. This style of mask is sometimes refereed to as a "spitter mask" because of the opening located at the mouth, which allowed the catcher to spit through it without removing it. An interesting design, along with the very rare white leather padding. All of which, makes for a great looking and unique mask. The condition is NR-MT to MINT! A fabulous display item for your vintage baseball memorabilia collection. SOLD

1920s Antique Baseball Chest Protector

ITEM 8: Offered here is a 1920's Baseball Chest Protector.This chest protector is very clean and all of the original straps and buckles are present. It is among the highest quality protectors, made of sturdy canvas material and the piping is entirely of leather. A great item to add to your antique baseball collection. The condition is solid EX-MT! SOLD  

1950s Antique Baseball Catcher's Mask

ITEM 9: Offered here is a 1950’s Baseball Catcher’s Mask. This mask was made by Rawlings and has an interesting shape which was popular for a short period of time during this era. This vintage catcher's mask is complete with it's original straps which feature the Rawlings markings along with the endorsement of Stan Lopata, in the form of a facsimile signature. Lopata played 13 years of professional baseball, primarily with the Philadelphia Phillies. The condition is solid EX-MT! SOLD  

Scarce 1930’s Bill Dickey Endorsed Chest Protector made by GoldSmith

1907-reeded-baseball-shinguards-1.jpg 1907-reeded-baseball-shinguards.jpg

1907-reeded-baseball-shinguards-1.jpg 1907-reeded-baseball-shinguards.jpg

1907-reeded-baseball-shinguards-1.jpg 1907-reeded-baseball-shinguards.jpg

ITEM 10: Here we have a 1930’s Bill Dickey Endorsed Chest Protector. This unusual, vintage baseball chest protector was made by the GoldSmith Sporting Goods Company. It is a top of the line model and remains in solid, EX-MT condition. All of the original straps and buckles are intact and the markings are very nice. They feature the facsimile signature of Bill Dickey, hall of fame catcher for the New York Yankees. He played 17 seasons with the Yankees from 1928 to 1946. He was a member of the American League All-Star team 11 of those 17 seasons. He also played in eight World Series and was on the winning team seven times! An exceptional piece of vintage catcher's equipment! SOLD

1930's Vintage Baseball Shin Guards

1930’s Composition Baseball Shin Guards, rare style, complete with all straps and buckles
ITEM 11: These are 1930's Vintage Baseball Shin Guards. These exceptional shin guards are made of composition and leather and are of a rare style with vertical and horizontal ribbing on the front of each shin. Additionally, they are complete with all straps and buckles intact. They are quite scarce and remain in solid EX-MT condition! SOLD

Turn of the Century Baseball Chest Protector

ITEM 12: Turn of the Century D&M Apron-Style Chest Protector. This is an exceptional example of a baseball chest protector from this era. Made by the Draper and Maynard Sporting Goods Company, it features a perfect cloth patch sewn onto the back strap and the Lucky Dog logo ink stamped onto the protector itself. It is a full size adult chest protector made of professional quality. It remains in gorgeous EX-MT condition with all straps and buckles intact! SOLD

1890’s Baseball Catcher’s Mask

ITEM 13: Offered here is a Late 1890's Goggle-Eye Style Baseball Catcher’s Mask.  The offered vintage baseball catcher's mask features all the original padding and the original head strap also remains intact. The quality of the mask is exceptional, as is the condition. All of the leather remains soft and supple and the mask holds perfect form. A striking addition to any vintage baseball memorabilia display! SOLD

1920’s Vintage Baseball Catcher’s Mask

1890-baseball-chest-protector-reach-1.JPG 1890-baseball-chest-protector-reach.jpg

ITEM 14: This is a 1920-1930’s Two-Bar Style Baseball Catcher’s Mask made by the Horace Partridge Sporting Goods Company. This is a scarce style antique catcher's mask that is made of professional quality. This great looking example remains in excellent condition with all of the original head strapping firmly in place. The leather padding also remains soft and supple. A unique style mask that will look great displayed among your vintage baseball equipment! SOLD

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