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Vintage Football Equipment


Antique Football Equipment

1891 Football Nose Guard

ITEM 1: Here we are offering one of the more unusual, and coveted, pieces of antique football equipment. This is the Morrill's Patent Nose Mask which was designed, created and patented by John F. Morrill on September 29, 1891.  The example offered here is exceptional not only in it's condition but also rarity.  This vintage football noseguard remains in exceptional EX-MT to NR-MT condition. Found with the original head strap still in place, exceptionally clean and with bold markings inside and out.  The markings read: “MORRILL'S PATENT NOSEMASK ” on the front and on the inside  “PAT’D SEPT 29 1891." An exceptional item for all vintage football collections. SOLD

Turn of the Century Football - Wright & Ditson

ITEM 2: Offered here is a turn of the century, antique football made by the Wright & Ditson Sporting Goods Company. This was Wright and Ditson's CHAMPIONSHIP model football. Clearly their top of the line model, as it's of the highest quality in all regards. Any melon style football is tough to find in solid condition, this one is a stunner. The first early W&D football that we have handled. A gorgeous melon style football with blunt ends that remains in solid EX-MT condition! SOLD

Turn of the Century Melon-Style Football Bladder

ITEM 3: Here we offer a rather unusual vintage football piece. It is a bladder for an early melon style football that has never been used. Nicely displayed, it allows for a better understanding of the pre-airhole, melon style footballs and how they were inflated. The process was to insert this bladder into the football, inflate the bladder, tie it off and THEN secure the rawhide laces on the football. This would have been a nightmare for Tom Brady! A great conversation piece and novel antique football collectible. Price $175

Early 1900’s Football Pants

ITEM 4: Offered here is an outstanding representation of early 1900-10's Vintage Football Pants. One of the nicest pairs that we have handled in quite awhile. These exceptional pants are of the reeded and padded variety and a medium brown color. A very high quality pair of antique football pants that include the original leather belt. Exhibiting excellent use on the gridiron, they remain a superb pair of antique football pants that are worthy of any vintage football collection! Price $400

1910 Spalding Football Shoulder Pads w/ Collar Bone Protector

ITEM 5: Here we have one of the more unusual antique football offerings. This very scarce item is not your typical pair of vintage football shoulder pads. In fact, as described in the 1910 Spalding catalog, they are identified as model No. YF and referred to as the "Combined Shoulder Pads and Collar Bone Protector." These very high quality pads are constructed of very thick compressed wool felt to protect the collar bone area and thick sole leather cups around the shoulders. The Spalding logo is stamped into the leather lightly. A very unusual and novel vintage football collectible! Price $450

1910 - 1920’s GoldSmith SPECIAL Model Football, MINT

ITEM 6: Offered here is a 1910 - 1920’s GoldSmith "SPECIAL" Model Football in MINT never used condition! For our most condition conscious collectors, we offer this Draper & Maynard OFFICIAL model football in GEM MINT unused condition. Amazingly this vintage football has withstood the test of time for 75-85 years and managed to remain in the same condition as the day it was made. It is holding air perfectly and has no flaws. Very rare to be found in this pristine condition. SOLD

1910’s Antique Football Shoulder Pads made by Rawlings

ITEM 7: Here we are offering an incredibly clean pair of antique football shoulder pads that date from the 1910's. This wonderful piece of vintage football gear was made by the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company located in St. Louis, Missouri. The Rawlings logo, along with the model C3, is boldly marked onto the front of the leather pads. This fine pair of vintage leather football shoulder pads remains in outstanding NR-MT to MINT condition! With all of the original straps and laces intact it is a solid representation of football shoulder pads from this era, and a great addition to your vintage football collection! Price $400

1910’s D&M Athletic Supporter - Jockstrap

ITEM 8: Offered here is an interesting vintage football athletic supporter which was made by the Draper and Maynard Sporting Goods Company out of Plymouth, NH. An exceptional piece of early sports equipment, this vintage jockstrap seems to be a very high quality example. The protective cup is made of aluminum and bound in leather. The waist band and leather fasteners are complete and intact. The waistband also includes a beautiful D&M cloth patch sewn on. A novel and interesting antique sports item that will fit nicely into your vintage sports collection! The condition is EX-MT to NR-MT. Price $375

Vintage Football Pants - 1920’s Spalding

ITEM 9: Offered here is a pair of 1920’s vintage football pants that were made by the A. G. Spalding &Bros. Company. These football pants are a light colored canvas with elastic running down the back of each leg and leather pads sewn onto the knees. The black Spalding cloth patch and size tag of 34 are sewn in at the waist. There is also elastic at the crotch and back, center of the waist. These are high quality vintage football pants. The condition is solid EX-MT. SOLD

1920's Antique Football Hip Pads by Lowe & Campbell

ITEM 10: Offered here is an extremely rare antique football item. Made by the Lowe & Campbell Athletic Goods Company, this pair of vintage football hip pads are the earliest we have handled. Rather basic construction of two hip pads and several straps and fasteners, all of which remain present. An interesting and rare piece of antique football gear, these pads remains in excellent condition and have great eye appeal. A novel addition to any vintage football memorabilia collection! Price $250

Extremely rare 1920s WHITE leather football

vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg

ITEM 11: Here we are offering a very scarce 1920's White Leather Football. In 25 years, this is the first vintage white leather football that we have handled, a true rarity. The leather is an unfinished buckskin or similar soft leather. The white leather looks good in the image above, but appears more white in reality. This exceptional antique football holds air perfectly making for a great and unusual display piece. An extremely rare, high quality football in solid EX-MT condition. Price $400

1920’s Vintage Football

ITEM 12: Here we have an excellent example of a 1920's football. It represents well the transition from a game of scrums and laterals on the gridiron, to the precision passing game on the turf. There has been quite a transition from the blunt ended, melon style footballs of old to the pointed darts that are used today. This fine antique football falls on the timeline when football was changing from the ground game to the passing game. The ball is of high quality, supple leather. There is a light company logo, which I believe is Alex, Taylor & Company, other markings include official size and weight, and scholastic. Holds air perfectly and will make for an awesome display! The condition is solid EX-MT. Price $250

1930’s Vintage Football Pants

ITEM 13: Offered here is a wonderful pair of 1930s Vintage Football Pants. They are of good size with a 30 inch waist which also includes an attached belt-like closure. The thighs are padded and the knees have padding quilted in place. These fine antique football pants have definitely seen some good time on the gridiron but have remain in very nice, displayable condition. They are a high quality example with excellent eye appeal. . A great looking pair of antique football pants that will fit nicely into your vintage football collection! The condition is EX-MT. Price $175

1930-40’s Football Kicking Shoes - very unusual

ITEM 14: Offered here is a pair of 1930-1940s Vintage Football Kicking Shoes. They are marked Spot Bilt around the inside opening of each shoe. They are a rare style and feature a strange looking squared-off toe on the kicking shoe, in this case that shoe is for the right foot. A scarce pair of antique football shoes, constructed of dark, supple leather and remain in wonderful EX-MT condition! Price $250

Antique Football MINT in Original Picture Box - Charley Trippi

ITEM 15: Here we are offering a very scarce Charley Trippi Endorsed Model Football, MINT in the original picture box. Made by Wilson Sporting Goods Company, it's their Charley Trippi model CT20. Charley Trippi bagan his football career at the University of Georgia, where he led the Bulldogs to a 9-0 victory in the 1943 Rose Bowl. His professional career began in 1947 with the Chicago Cardinals, the one team he stayed with through the 1955 season. An outstanding vintage football and picture box combination. A true rarity and very scarce addition to your antique football collection! SOLD

1965 Team Signed, Princeton Trophy Football - Spalding J5-V

ITEM 16: 1965 Team Signed Princeton vs Rutgers Trophy Football. Here we have a very scarce and unusual, antique football offering. The offered vintage football is a Spalding Model J5-V game ball that has been painted to create this very attractive vintage football trophy. It has been painted with the date of 1965 and the score of Princeton 14 - Rutgers 12. Additionally, the ball was signed by more than 20 players from the Princeton Football team. A neat piece of college football history and a great looking addition to your vintage football collection! Price $350

Antique Football Shoes made by Spalding

Here we are offering a great pair of early 1900’s Football Shoes with Stacked Leather Cleats. Made by the A.G. Spalding & Bros. Sporting Goods Company, they feature the intriguing stacked leather cleats. These cleats were created by stacking leather pieces that are gradually smaller than the last, on top of each other to create the actual cleat. Prior to this innovation the football shoe had no cleats. The vintage stacked leather football cleats are very popular among antique football collectors. Perhaps because they just look tough and rugged to match the personality of gridiron men from this era. This particular pair is of the highest quality and has an ideal vintage look. The condition is solid EX-MT and they will look awesome in your antique football collection! SOLD

Turn of the Century Antique Football Nose guard dated 1914

Here we have one of the more unusual antique football offerings. It is an antique football nose guard from the turn of the century that has been later decorated and dated 1914. This Turn of the Century Folk Art Football Nose Guard belonged to a man named Albert Seabright. He has carefully etched into the nose guard his name, the date of 1914and other information and decorations to include MFHS. He graduated in 1914 from the Martins Ferry high scholl located in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Mr. Seabright then went on to graduate from Ohio State University and worked as an engineer in Alaska. A very unique and interesting piece of vintage football equipment that remains in EX-MT condition with the original head strap still intact. SOLD

1910’s Antique Football Shoulder Pads made by GoldSmith

Here we are offering a very clean pair of antique football shoulder pads that date from the 1910's. This wonderful piece of vintage football gear was made by the GoldSmith Sporting Goods Company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The GoldSmith logo, along with the model No. 20, is boldly marked onto the front of the leather pads. This fine pair of leather football shoulder pads remains in beautiful EX-MT condition, with all of the original straps and laces intact. A solid representation of football shoulder pads from this era, and a great addition to your vintage football collection! SOLD

Vintage Football Shoes - 1930’s Black Leather High-Top

Offered here is a pair of 1930’s Black Leather High-Top Football Shoes. These vintage football are made of black leather and are of very high quality. Surprisingly, we did not find a maker and the only markings found are on the sole which reads "Resin Impregnated Sole."They remain in MINT unused condition, including the original laces! A novel addition to any vintage football memorabilia collection! SOLD

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