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Vintage Football Equipment

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Antique Football Equipment

Antique Football Shoes made by Spalding

ITEM 1: Here we are offering a great pair of early 1900’s Football Shoes with Stacked Leather Cleats. Made by the A.G. Spalding & Bros. Sporting Goods Company, they feature the intriguing stacked leather cleats. These cleats were created by stacking leather pieces that are gradually smaller than the last, on top of each other to create the actual cleat. Prior to this innovation the football shoe had no cleats. The vintage stacked leather football cleats are very popular among antique football collectors. Perhaps because they just look tough and rugged to match the personality of gridiron men from this era. This particular pair is of the highest quality and has an ideal vintage look. The condition is solid EX-MT and they will look awesome in your antique football collection! Price $375

Incredible 1904 Harvard Football Sweater – Jersey

ITEM 2: Offered here is an amazing piece of Harvard Football memorabilia. This antique football sweater originates from an estate in Massachusetts where it has survived in wonderful condition for the last 110+ years! This style of sweater - jersey was worn for both practice and games and typically they are found in well worn condition, but this example is solid EX-MT. Additionally, and as expected, the quality is top of the line and features the date of 1904 woven right into the sweater. This gorgeous vintage football sweater is among the finest that we have handled - a museum quality piece that will highlight any antique football collection. SOLD

1910 Spalding Combined Shoulder Pads and Collar Bone Protector

ITEM 3: Here we have one of the more unusual antique football offerings. This very scarce item is not your typical pair of vintage football shoulder pads. In fact, as described in the 1910 Spalding catalog, they are identified as model No. YF and referred to as the "Combined Shoulder Pads and Collar Bone Protector." These very high quality pads are constructed of very thick compressed wool felt to protect the collar bone area and thick sole leather cups around the shoulders, in each of which the Spalding logo is nicely stamped. A very unusual and novel vintage football collectible! SOLD

1910’s Football Jersey with Leather Elbow Pads

ITEM 4: Offered here is an outstanding representation of a Vintage 1910’s Football Jersey with Leather Elbow Pads. These sweater-style football jerseys are extremely difficult to find. Likely because they were worn hard and any that were not shredded on the gridiron were worn out with general use... a sweater was not easily discarded back in these days. This fine example was made from 100% pure wool in Colon, Michigan. A superb antique football jersey that is worthy of any vintage football collection! Price $450

Vintage Football Pants, Slat-Front Style circa 1910's

ITEM 5: Offered here is a pair of 1910’s Slat Front, Canvas Football Pants. These awesome, antique football pants are an ideal representation from this era. They are an unusual style with slatted sections to protect the thighs while the knees, upper thighs and hips are padded each in their own sections. They are high quality football pants that were meant for serious use on the gridiron. Just an awesome looking pair of antique football pants! A wonderful addition to your vintage football memorabilia collection. SOLD

1920’s Wool Football Jersey made by HORACE PARTRIDGE

ITEM 6: This is an exceptional antique football jersey made by the Horace Partridge Sporting Goods Company. It is made of wool and dates from the 1920's. The coloring on this jersey is hunter green and white with a white number 22. early antique football jerseys are extremely difficult to find, particularly in high grade condition. This example remains in solid EX-MT condition with vibrant colors and an outstanding vintage look. The quality is top of the line with reinforced elbow padding sewn in and a tight, thick weave. A wonderful vintage football jersey with striking eye appeal. The condition is solid EX-MT! SOLD

1920’s High Waist Antique Football Pants

ITEM 6: This is an exceptional pair of antique football pants. They are of good size and very high quality. This fine example of early football pants from this era is unusual in the color being brown, almost dark brown. Typically antique football pants are much lighter in color, khaki or light tan usually. Additionally, they are reinforced with black leather at the crotch and knees, another uncommon characteristic. All in all, a wonderful pair of vintage football pants that will look great among your vintage football collection. The waist measures 33 inches and the condition is solid EX-MT! SOLD

1920 - 1930’s Draper & Maynard Official Football, GEM MINT

ITEM 7: Offered here is a 1920 - 1930’s Draper & Maynard Official Football in GEM MINT condition! For our most condition conscious collectors, we offer this Draper & Maynard OFFICIAL model football in GEM MINT unused condition. Amazingly this vintage football has withstood the test of time for 75-85 years and managed to remain in the same condition as the day it was made. It is holding air perfectly and has no flaws. Very rare to be found in this pristine condition. SOLD

Antique Football Shoulder Pads made by Wilson 1930's

ITEM 8: Offered here is an exceptional pair of 1930’s Football Shoulder Pads made by the Wilson Sporting Goods Company. These antique football shoulder pads are an outstanding representation from this time period. The front of these vintage football shoulder pads are boldly identified with the Wilson logo and the model D142. They retain all of their original padding, and the original straps and laces are also intact. They possess that wonderful vintage appearance and will make an amazing addition to any antique football collection. The condition is solid EX-MT to NR-MT! SOLD

1930’s Antique Football Pants

ITEM 9: Offered here is a wonderful pair of 1930ís Vintage Football Pants. They are of good size with a 30 inch waist which also includes an attached belt-like closure. The thighs are padded and the knees have padding quilted in place. These fine antique football pants have definitely seen some good time on the gridiron but have remain in very nice, displayable condition. They are a high quality example with excellent eye appeal. . A great looking pair of antique football pants that will fit nicely into your vintage football collection! The condition is EX-MT. Price $175

Vintage Football Shoes - 1930’s Black Leather High-Top

ITEM 10: Offered here is a pair of 1930’s Black Leather High-Top Football Shoes. These vintage football are made of black leather and are of very high quality. Surprisingly, we did not find a maker and the only markings found are on the sole which reads "Resin Impregnated Sole."They remain in MINT unused condition, including the original laces! A novel addition to any vintage football memorabilia collection! Price $175

1930’s Spalding J5V Official Intercollegiate Football

vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg

ITEM 11: This is a 1930ís Spalding Official Inter-Collegiate Football Model J5-V, the highest quality football produced, the J5-V was used by all the top colleges for many decades. This high quality vintage football has a great look and ideal patina. The markings are bold and strong while the football exhibits just enough signs of wear and time on the gridiron. This great looking antique football remains fully inflated and holds the air perfectly. The condition is exceptional EX-MT and it will make a great addition to any vintage football collection. SOLD


1930’s Sammy Baugh Endorsed Player Model Football

vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg

vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg

ITEM 12: Here we are offering a 1930’s Sammy Baugh Endorsed Player Model Football. This uncommon, vintage football was made by the Marathon Sporting Goods Company.  The markings on the football indicate “SLINGIN” – Sammy Baugh – RED CHIEF, flanked by graphics of two Indian chiefs... this would of course reference the Washington Redskins. Baugh came on with the Washington Redskins in 1937 and played his entire 16 year career with the Skins. He played his college years at Texas Christian University and in the 1937 NFL draft he was selected 6th overall in the first round by the Redskins. This is the first example we have seen of this football. Price $250

1930-40’s Football Kicking Shoes - very unusual

ITEM 13: Offered here is a pair of 1930-1940ís Vintage Football Kicking Shoes. They are marked "Genuine Goodyear Welt" on the sole of each shoe. They are a rare style and feature a strange looking squared-off toe on the kicking shoe, in this case that shoe is for the left foot which adds to the rarity. Another uncommon feature is the condition which is MINT and never used. A wonderful high quality vintage football item for the antique football collector, especially those that are very condition conscious! Price $275

1940’s Notre Dame Football Sideline Jacket

Offered here is an incredible 1940’s Notre Dame Football Sideline Jacket. This vintage football jacket was made by Holloway for the Fighting Irish football team of Notre Dame University. The jacket is a size 42 with Notre Dame sewn on felt letters on the front and the lucky shamrock on the left sleeve. It remains in wonderful EX-MT condition and is very suitable for wearing. In fact, I've worn it to several football games this season and have enjoyed the comments and talking with those who have inquired about it. The perfect item for the Notre Dame football fan! SOLD

1891 Football Nose Guard - Morrills Patent Nosemask

This is an 1891 Football Nose Guard. When it comes to vintage football equipment the noseguard has always been one of the most interesting and sought after items. Perhaps it is because it is so unusual and most folks have never even seen one. We have been buying them for over 20 years and I still can't imagine having one strapped to my face while playing football! The offered nose guard is a fine example with very strong markings! Embossed on the front is "Morrills Patent Nose Mask" and equally bold is the embossed patent date of September 28, 1891. This noseguard is in it's original state which exhibits evidence of some hard hits on the gridiron while still remaining in solid EX-MT condition. SOLD

Turn of the Century Melon Style Football made by Reach

This is a Turn of the Century Reach Melon Style Football. This vintage football is one of the finest that we have ever owned! The high quality ball is of soft and supple leather with every stitch perfectly intact and the Reach logo and model number are blazing. It holds air perfectly and the leather laces are tight. Vintage footballs in nice condition are tough to find, a melon style football with everything going for it is a true rarity. A wonderful addition to your antique football collection! SOLD

19th Century “Bat-Wing” Style Nose Guard made by Victor

This is a 19th Century "BAT-WING" Style Nose Guard made by Victor under Morrill's 1891 Patent. The bat-wing style noseguard is the Holy Grail of noseguards. There are very few in existence and every collector of vintage football memorabilia wants one. The example we offer here is quite likely the finest example to exist, as it has everything going on for it! The surface is exceptionally clean and the embossed information, typically worn off, remains in wonderful condition. It reads: VICTOR SPECIAL - VICTOR SPORTING GOODS COMPANY - MADE UNDER MORRILL PATENT - PATENTED SEPTEMBER 28, 1891. The antique noseguard is free of any chips or cracks and it even retains it's original head strap. This is a true rarity and will make a wonderful addition to your antique football collection! SOLD

1927 Wesleyan University, Friction-Strip Football Jersey and Pennant

Offered here is a 1927 Wesleyan University, Friction-Strip Football Jersey and accompanying Pennant. These two items came together from an estate with a few other sports pieces. The friction-strip jersey was made by Leacock and is of an unusual style and color combination. There are many early repairs and a few later ones too but the jersey remains in good displayable condition and looks awesome as the images should convey. The pennant measures 46 inches from the left edge to the tip and remains in exceptional EX-MT condition. Vintage football jerseys from this era are sc acre and the friction-strip style are extremely scarce... a fine example, and with accompanying pennant. SOLD

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