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Vintage Football Helmet


Antique Football Helmet

Moleskin and Leather Football Helmet - Spalding Flat Top

ITEM 1: This is an Exceptionally Scarce, First Generation, Spalding Moleskin and Leather, Flat-Top Style Football Helmet.  This is the earliest example of a flat-top football helmet that we have identified in the Spalding catalogs. The primary identifying characteristic is the fixed leather chin strap with button closure. Additionally, the pre-compressed felt interior, which in this helmet is a thin padded lining of rough wool, is a second indicator. Those characteristics identify this helmet as an extremely scarce variation, the first that we have ever seen or handled!  All that aside, this exceptional, vintage football helmet is a stunning example from this era. Made by the A. G. Spalding Sporting Goods Company, it is of the highest quality. The condition is outstanding as it exhibits very moderate use. It represents well, the classic "flat-top" style when referring to vintage leather helmets. This high quality, vintage football helmet remains in solid EX-MT condition! SOLD

Antique Football Helmet 1910's Era

ITEM 2: Offered here is an unusual antique football helmet made by the Folsom Sporting Goods Company. Folsom did offer a full line of sports equipment but the helmets are rather scarce. The Folsom logo is deeply stamped into the leather, a circular logo which reads "HIGH QUALITY - SPORTING GOODS - FOLSOM." This is indeed a high quality leather football helmet which remains in exceptional EX-MT to NR-MT condition. The interior exhibits minimal use, and as the images indicate, the exterior leather remains supple and in wonderful condition also. A very solid example from this era which will be a nice addition to any antique football helmet collection. SOLD

Antique Football Helmet 1920's Draper & Maynard

ITEM 3: Offered here is a 1920's Pop Warner endorsed Model Leather Football Helmet. This antique football helmet was made by the Draper and Maynard Sporting Goods Company. It is a high quality, vintage football helmet made of medium brown leather which has remained soft and supple. The D&M "Lucky Dog" logo is stamped in along with the model 6H. Aside of that "Pop" Warner is stamped in his facsimile signature. An uncommon example that will make for a wonderful display for the antique football helmet collector! SOLD

Antique Football Helmet Spalding Model 53FH

ITEM 4: Offered here is a gorgeous 1920's Spalding Model 53FH Leather Football Helmet. This fine looking, top of the line model football helmet has a very special look, folk art appeal in fact. This vintage helmet features a high quality leather which shows the prefect amount of wear resulting in an ideal patina. Add to that white stripes with their age crackling, and together they create great folk art appeal. The condition is solid EX-MT for this brown with/ white striped gridiron headgear. Price $450

Folk Art Leather Football Helmet - 1920-1930's

ITEM 5: This is a 1920-1930’s Folk Art Football Helmet. This is an exceptional and very unique, vintage football helmet. The helmet itself is a high quality, scarce style with the oversized piece for forehead protection, sometimes referred to as the "turtle-shell" style. But what really sets this helmet aside from others is the one-of-a-kind paint work that has been done on the helmet to give it the folk art appeal. The same style of paint work that is done on the front is also on the back of the helmet. It is a truly unique leather football helmet and remains in outstanding, EX-MT condition! Price $550

1930-1940’s MacGregor H612 Leather Football Helmet

ITEM 6: This is a 1930-1940’s MacGregor H612 Leather Football Helmet. The MacGregor model H612 was far and away the most popular college football helmet in the 1930's and 1940's. Used by Notre Dame, Navy, Penn and countless other colleges and universities. It is a tank of a helmet and withstood the gridiron well. This example has been painted silver but we have no provenance on this helmet so we cannot say for certain what school it is from. Likely though, that is was a large school as these helmets were among the most expensive and were not something to be found on the sandlots or even high school teams. The condition is excellent. Price $250

Antique Football Helmet - 1920's Spalding Model RH

ITEM 7: Offered here is a late 1920's Spalding Model RH Football Helmet. This great looking antique leather football helmet is brown with black leather crisscross strips going across the crown. It was made by Spalding and is a high quality example from this special time when football was transitioning from a college sport to the beginning of the NFL. A beautiful display piece for your vintage football collection! Condition is VG-EX. Price $300

Antique Football Helmet 1930's GoldSmith Model 67

ITEM 8: Offered here is a 1930's Vintage Football Helmet. This fine helmet was made by the GoldSmith Sporting Goods Company and was their Model 67. A leather helmet of good quality it has a great look with its dark blue trim and detail with a white crown. This is one outstanding antique football helmet! Complete with the original chin strap, it will make for a striking display among your antique football memorabilia collection. EX-MT condition. Price $250

Antique Football Helmet - Yale Football Helmet

ITEM 9: Here we are offering a very rare and desirable 1980’s Yale University Football Helmet made by Riddell. This exceptional vintage football helmet also features a Schutt facemask. As a Riddell helmet with a Schutt facemask this is a great helmet in and of itself. The fact that it was used by Yale University is an awesome bonus which is not reflected in the price. This beautiful antique football helmet is built like a tank and still remains in solid excellent condition. A superb example of this style and era. SOLD

AWESOME 1930-40’s MacGregor-GoldSmith Leather Football Helmet

This is an AWESOME 1930 - 1940’s Leather Football Helmet made by MacGregor GoldSmith in factory red and white paint. These vintage football helmets that come colored from the factory are super scarce, super desirable and were super expensive when they were made. Every aspect of this helmet is top quality as it was likely produced specifically for a top university or college. This stunning antique football helmet remains in NR-MT to MINT condition. A fine way to add some color to your vintage football helmet collection with a museum quality helmet. SOLD

Early 1920’s Rawlings Brown Leather “Red Grange” Style Football Helmet

Offered here is an Early 1920’s Rawlings Brown Leather, “Red Grange” Style, Football Helmet. This exceptional, vintage football helmet is an excellent example from this era. Made by the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, it is of the highest quality. The chocolate brown leather remains soft and supple, and the interior is firmly intact. Additionally, the original owner attached a "cheat sheet" of the different plays to the interior, a rather unique feature but could be easily removed if desired. The condition is gorgeous EX-MT. An exceptional, high quality, antique football helmet from this era! SOLD

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