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Vintage Football Jerseys


Antique Football Jerseys

1910’s Football Jersey with Leather Elbow Pads

ITEM 1: Offered here is an Outstanding Example of a Vintage 1910’s Football Jersey with Leather Elbow Pads. These sweater-style football jerseys are extremely difficult to locate. Likely because they were worn hard and any that were not shredded on the gridiron were worn out with general use... a sweater was not easily discarded back in these days. This fine example was made from 100% pure wool in Colon, Michigan. A superb antique football jersey that is worthy of any vintage football collection! Price $450

1927 Wesleyan University, Friction-Strip Football Jersey and Pennant

ITEM 2: Offered here is a 1927 Wesleyan University, Friction-Strip Football Jersey and accompanying Pennant. These two items came together from an estate with a few other sports pieces. The friction-strip jersey was made by Leacock and is of an unusual style and color combination. There are many early repairs and a few later ones too but the jersey remains in good displayable condition and looks awesome as the images should convey. The pennant measures 46 inches from the left edge to the tip and remains in exceptional EX-MT condition. Vintage football jerseys from this era are scarce and the friction-strip style are extremely scarce... a fine example, and with accompanying pennant. SOLD

1920’s “Friction-Strip” Style Football Jersey from New Hampshire University

ITEM 3: Offered here ia an extremely scarce, 1920’s “Friction-Strip” Style Football Jersey from New Hampshire University. This wonderful vintage football jersey was made by the Horace Partridge Sporting Goods Company from Boston, Massachusetts. As to be expected, it is of the highest quality and utilizes the 'Snugtex" brand for the friction strips. The jersey is entirely wool with the appealing bumble-bee striped sleeves. The original white wool, felt number 3 is sewn on the back and remains securely in place. The jersey has seen some time on the gridiron but as the images indicate, it is a stunning display item and remains in wonderful EX-MT condition! SOLD

1930-1940’s Antique Football Uniform

ITEM 4: Offered here is a 1930-1940’s Antique Football Uniform. Included are matching vintage football jersey and football pants. Both items are of the highest professional quality. The jersey features VERY substantial, sewn-in elbow pads and sewn-on numbers. It is a size 40 and was made by the General Athletics Company from Greenville, Ohio. The pants are a size 32, made by Ellerman Company from Chicago, IL and are well padded. The condition of both are NR-MT. A great item for the antique football collector. SOLD

Vintage Football Jersey - 1940’s made by Champion

ITEM 5: This is a 1940’s Vintage Football Jersey, made by Champion. This wonderful old football jersey is a deep blue color with "wolves" across the chest along with the number 67. The same number is also on the sleeve along with three white stripes. The size is a 46 and the condition is EX-MT. Price $175

Early 1960’s Vintage Football Jersey

ITEM 6: Early 1960’s Vintage Football Jersey The offered football jersey was made by Empire Sporting Goods from New York City, New York. It is a very basic white jersey with a red number 58 sewn on the front and back. It is a nice large size 44 and the condition remains EX-MT. Price $150

Antique Football Jersey made by Spalding

Spalding J5V Football

ITEM 7: This is a 1930’s Spalding Football Jersey. This great looking, vintage football jersey comes in a brilliant green color and features white striping at the shoulders for an awesome appearance! It is a well constructed, high quality jersey with reinforced padding at each elbow. The large Spalding cloth patch remains intact along with the size tag indicating a size of 40. It exhibits solid use on the gridiron but displays very nicely... a great way to splash some color into your vintage sports memorabilia display! SOLD

1920's ALL WOOL Vintage Football Jersey

vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg vintage-football-jersey-front.jpg

vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg vintage-football-jersey-back.jpg

ITEM 8: This is a1920's ALL WOOL Vintage Football Jersey made by Treman King and Company from Pittsburgh. This amazing jersey is of professional quality with reinforced sewn on numbers and with elbow pads sewn into each sleeve. The wool is in amazing condition with the colors being gold, black and white wool with unusual styling! A very rare jersey in exceptional EX-MT condition! SOLD


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