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Antique Football Memorabilia

19th Century Harvard Football Cigar Box

ITEM 1: Here is a wonderful 19th Century Harvard Cigar Box with Football Player Graphics. This fantastic piece of vintage football memorabilia features many images of a Harvard football player wearing the classic high turtleneck style sweater- jersey. The cigar makers are identified as H. Traiser & Company - Boston. The box is an uncommon size, measuring 2 1/4"x 5"x 8". The condition is EX-MT with a fine patina and great overall appearance. Antique football memorabilia always adds a nice touch and looks great displayed among vintage sports equipment! Price $250

1900's Harvard Football Blanket - Fatima Tobacco Premium

ITEM 2: Here we offer a 1900’s Harvard Football, Fatima Tobacco Premium. This wonderful Harvard Football item is super rare and is a must have for your vintage football display! Featured are the Harvard University Seal, a Harvard pennant, and a period football player in all the garb - quilted pants, jersey with sewn on shoulder pads, carrying a plump melon football... This piece is huge and of exceptional quality for a premium. Probably because back in the day, in order to acquire it, you had to collect 50 or 100 regular Fatima Tobacco pack premiums and then be willing to send them in for this premium! An exceptional vintage Harvard football item... it measures 14”x 25 and is of fine quality. It will look great framed! Price $550

1920’s Football HOME COMING and WELCOME VISITORS Banner Set

ITEM 3: This is a set of 1920’s Football Banners which read, HOME COMING on one and WELCOME VISITORS on the other. A gorgeous piece of football memorabilia. These were hung at colleges and high schools to welcome fans to the home coming football game! Each one measures 24"x 36" and they both remain in wonderful NR-MT to MINT condition. A great way to welcome visitors to your man cave or sports den. They are offered as a set. SOLD

1930’s Princeton Football Carving of Player-Mascot

vintage-football-memorabilia antique-football-memorablilia
ITEM 4: Here we are offering a 1930’s Princeton University Football Player-Mascot. This is a wonderful antique football item representing the Tigers and Princeton University football. It has been hand carved from wood and stands 12 inches tall. To be considered a very scarce item for sure. We have had several of these football mascot carvings in the past; Yale Bulldog, TCU Horned Frogs... to name a few but they are rare, much more so than the Carter Hoffman college mascots. As seen in the images, the workmanship is excellent with great attention to detail. A fine chance to add a unique and colorful item to your antique football collection! SOLD

1893 Football Cabinet Card Photo of Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania

vintage-football-photo antique-football-photo
ITEM 5: 1893 Football Cabinet Card Photo of Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. The offered vintage football item pictures three players (likely captains) from the Bloomsburg University football team. The player at center is holding a melon style football that indicates the date of 1893. A great old item for any vintage football memorabilia collector. The condition is excellent. Price $125

1890’s Bisque Football  Figure

ITEM 6: 1890’s Bisque Football  Figure. This is a great piece of vintage football memorabilia. The offered bisque football player statue dates to the 1890's and features the player wearing period football garb... turtleneck football jersey, quilted football pants and holding a plump melon football. The figure stands eight inches tall and remains in NR-MT condition! Price $250

Turn of the Century Football Player Candy Container

ITEM 7: Turn of the Century Football Player Candy Container. The offered vintage football item is a very unique candy container, the first of its kind that we have ever seen. Depicted in beautiful multi-color lithography is a vintage football player in full garb from the era. Including sewn-on leather shoulder pads, a lace-up vest, noseguard, quilted pants and carrying a plump melon football. A wonderful way to add a splash of color to your vintage football collection! The condition is solid NR-MT! Price $250

1889 Football Figures

ITEM 8: Offered here are two 1889 Football Figures. Each football player is standing aside a huge melon football that is actually an open vessel which could hold pens, pencils, etc. or stand alone. The pieces are dated 1889 because they depict that era but are most likely from the 1940's. The vintage football players are properly clothed with quilted football pants, lace-up vests and bumble-bee striped jerseys. They would add a nice splash of color to your vintage football memorabilia collection. The condition of each is solid NR-MT to MINT. Price $75 each

1890's University of Michigan Football Player Cabinet Photo

ITEM 9: 1890's Michigan University Football Player Cabinet Photo. The offered vintage football photo features a football player from the University of Michigan. This image measures 5 1/2" x 8" and shows the player fully decked out in his lace-up football vest, quilted and reeded football pants, leather football helmet and with his noseguard hanging on his neck. I image has ideal clarity and contrast! The perfect item for the University of Michigan football fan or any vintage football collector. SOLD

1900-10 University of Harvard Football Plate

ITEM 10: 1900-10 University of Harvard Football Plate. This is a gorgeous antique football plate which features a Harvard football player adorned in his vintage football garb. Including a lace-up football vest, quilted pants, reeded shinguards... The plate is stamped Victoria on the bottom and measures 9 inches in diameter. The color is stunning and the condition remains solid NR-MT free of any chips or cracks. SOLD

1900-10 University of Princeton Football Plate

ITEM 11: 1900-10 University of Princeton Football Plate. This is a fabulous antique football plate with a well detailed image of a Princeton football player sporting his period football attire. The image shows the classic Princeton striping on the arms and lower legs as the player holds onto a vintage melon style football. The plate is marked Victoria on the bottom. Measuring 9 inches in diameter, the color remains brilliant and the condition grades NR-MT void of any cracks or chips. SOLD

1900-10 University of Columbia Football Plate by F. Earl Christy

ITEM 12: 1900-10 University of Columbia Football Plate done by F. Earl Christy. This terrific, vintage football collectible is a fine representation of football at Columbia University. F. Earl Christy was one of the prominent illustrators from this era and honored many of the great Ivy League Schools with his illustrations. The colors are vibrant and the overall condition is NR-MT! Price $175

1920’s Folk Art Carving of “Staffordshire-Style”Dog with Football

ITEM 13: Offered here is a 1920’s Folk Art Carving of a “Staffordshire-Style” dog with a period football at his feet. Finding folk art pieces that are also sports pieces has always been a huge struggle, they are extremely rare! This is one of the few that we have handled in more than two decades of searching. Wood has always been a popular medium for folk art and this carver executed a wonderful piece as he tied together the football with the iconic Staffordshire-style dog. The condition is exceptional as the carving is without flaw. An outstanding piece for both the folk art collector and the antique football collector. SOLD

1920’s Brass Football Bookends

1897 Football Print with Penn and Princeton, entitled "The Rivals"
ITEM 14: Offered here is an early pair of 1920’s Brass Football Bookends. These fine antique football bookends are very scarce, the first pair we have seen of this style. They are extremely well made with an art deco appeal and a very detailed football scene on each. Being solid brass they are very heavy. They remain in gorgeous NR-MT condition! Price $300

1922 St. John’s University Football Pennant

ITEM 15: Offered here is a 1922 St. John’s University Football Pennant. This antique football pennant recognizes football at St. Johns University. The vintage pennant is extremely well made with all of the lettering and the melon football graphic being done in sewn-on felt... it is of the highest quality. Also recognized is St. Anselm Hall which is on the St. John University campus. Just a gorgeous, multi-color and totally unique vintage football pennant that remains in solid NR-MT condition! Price $275

1930’s Yale University Football Pennant

ITEM 16: 1930’s Yale University Football Pennant. The offered vintage football pennant is a very uncommon design. Featured on a blue felt background, is a nicely detailed bulldog graphic along with a vintage football that is flying past the word Yale! Great item for the Yale University alum or the Ivy League collector. Amazing, solid NR-MT condition! SOLD

1900 - 1910 Cornell Football Pillow Cover by F. Earl Christy

ITEM 17: Offered here is a 1900 - 1910 Cornell Football Pillow Cover. This is an exceptional piece of antique, football memorabilia. This vintage football cover was produced to be made into a pillow. It obviously never was as it remains perfectly flat and unflawed. The graphic of the vintage football player and Cornell cheerleader on top the plump, melon football is just phenomenal... it would look awesome framed! We have handled several of these pillow covers in that past 22 years and this one is as nice as they get! The graphic was executed by renowned artist and illustrator F. Earl Christy. Amazing GEM MINT condition! SOLD

1910’s Yale Football Plate – Mother of Men “Old Yale"

ITEM 20: 1910’s Yale Football Plate – Mother of Men “Old Yale”. This unique Yale football collectible features a large melon style football at center with the phrase Mother of Men "OLD YALE" just below. The perimeter of the 9 1/2 inch plate is accented in a brilliant Yale University blue. This awesome vintage football piece is free of any cracks or chips and grades NR-MT! SOLD

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