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Vintage Golf Memorabilia


Antique Golf Memorabilia

1901 Spalding “Bramble” Gutta Percha Golf Ball

ITEM 1: 1901 Spalding “Bramble” Gutty Golf Ball. This is an exceptional vintage golf ball. This is one of the earliest golf balls that Spalding produced and it has remained in exceptional condition. In general, the gutta percha golf balls had a tendency to not last very long, even break apart in flight... in which case the golfer had to play from the spot where the largest fragment landed. Antique gutta percha golf balls from this era are to be considered extremely scarce, especially in this wonderful, EX-MT condition! A wonderful addition to any vintage golf memorabilia collection! Price $450

Patented 1917 Golf Bag made by R.H. Burke Co.

ITEM 2: Patented 1917  R.H. Burke Co. Canvas and Leather Golf Bag. This is an amazing vintage golf bag made of canvas and leather construction. Produced by the R.H. Burke Company, it is identified on the bottom of the bag as their Model No. 7 along with the Patent date information. It will provide the perfect way to display your favorite vintage golf clubs or stand alone as a great addition to your antique golf memorabilia collection. The condition is wonderful EX-MT to NR-MT, perhaps the finest that we have owned in 21 years! SOLD

Patented 1915 Manhattan Golf Tee

ITEM 3: Offered here is a Patented 1915 Manhattan Golf Tee. This exceptional vintage golf tee was a scarce and short lived innovation. The reason being, is that it was made entirely of rubber with the exception of the lead inside the disc which was used to weigh it down. However, with not very many swings the rubber tore away from the disc. This rare example is found in amazing NR-MT condition and the rubber even remains pliable. On the strap it reads, "MANHATTAN TEE" in large letters and has "PAT. JUNE 29 - 1915" below in smaller letters. A great addition to your antique golf memorabilia collection! SOLD

1940-50’s Dunlop 65 Golf Ball

ITEM 4: 1940-50’s Dunlop 65 Golf Ball. This is a superb, vintage golf ball. It was made in England by Dunlop. It has withstood the test of time in remarkable condition as it remains untouched and still in its original wrapper. A special item for the antique golf ball collector! Price $90

1916 Golfer’s Cap

ITEM 5: This item is a 1916 golfing cap. It is a very scarce vintage golf item made of gray wool and having blue/purple detailing. Also, embroidered on the front of the cap is the date '16 done in white thread, probably silk. A portion of the embroidery is missing but the '16 is easily recognized. This is a very fine and very uncommon antique golf item, one of a few that we have seen in 21 years! The condition is solid EX-MT. SOLD

1910’s Golf Match Safe

ITEM 6: 1910’s Golf Match Safe. The offered matchsafe is a fine quality item featuring a vintage golf motif. Antique golf clubs are embossed on the front along with a period gutty golf ball. The detail is quite nice and the overall condition is excellent. Price $250

1900-05 Spalding Hickory Shaft Deep Groove Iron

ITEM 7: 1900-05 Spalding Hickory Shaft Deep Groove Iron. A wonderful early antique golf club with very unique design. This fantastic piece of golf memorabilia is entirely original having a very bold Spalding Sporting Goods logo and with very solid markings. The condition is EX-MT! SOLD

Turn of the Century Practice Golf Ball

ITEM 8: Turn of the Century Practice Golf Ball. Very scarce antique golf ball is similar in style to a bramble ball but is soft, pliable and much lighter. A great addition to the vintage golf ball collector or to any golf memorabilia collection! The condition is solid NR-MT! Price $200

1940-50’s One Dozen Spalding Golf Balls in Original Sleeves and Case Box

ITEM 9: The offered item is an original case box, which doubles as a display box, of 1940-50's Spalding Golf Balls. Within the case are four sleeves, each holding three vintage golf balls all in the original packaging. The manufacturer is Spalding and the model of each golf ball is the Spalding Dot. The box, packaging and each individual ball is marked as such. A wonderful vintage golf collectible that will display nicely in any vintage golf memorabilia collection! SOLD


1920’s Square Mesh Golf Ball, made by U.S. Royal - GEM MINT

ITEM 10: 1920’s Square Mesh Golf Ball, made by U.S. Royal. This is an outstanding, vintage golf ball! Made by U.S. Royal the model name is Electronic. Golf balls from this era are tough to find in top notch condition, this example is stunning and extremely rare - GEM MINT! It will provide a great addition to your antique golf memorabilia collection! SOLD

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