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Vintage Hockey Memorabilia


Antique Hockey Memorabilia

1890’s Peck & Snyder “American Club” Model Hockey Skates

ITEM 1: 1890’s Peck & Snyder Hockey Skates. Offered here we have an amazing pair of vintage hockey skates. They were made by the Peck & Snyder Sporting Goods Company which was one of the first sporting goods manufacturers in the United States. Stamped into the skates is "Peck & Snyder's HOCKEY SKATES model CHL" which was a top quality skate in it's day. Amazingly, these skates have remained in stunning NR-MT condition with virtually no flaws. They are a great opportunity to add an antique hockey item to your vintage sports memorabilia collection. Price $225

1890-1900’s Hockey Stick

ITEM 2: Offered here is a very scarce 1890-1900’s Vintage Hockey Stick made from a single piece of wood. Vintage hockey items from this era are nearly impossible to find, especially sticks because they tended to be handed down and used until they broke or became so damaged that they were not able to be repaired anymore. This fantastic stick has remained in wonderful condition. The darkening on the blade is flame tempering. This may have been done at the factor or possibly by the owner. The purpose was to "harden" the wood. This wonderful antique hockey stick is very rare and remains in solid EX-MT condition! $350

19th Century One Piece Hockey Stick made by Spalding

ITEM 3: Offered here is an exceptional 1890’s one-piece hockey stick with curved blade and stenciled markings. The makers markings are stenciled on the handle as shown in the image above with the number 3 on the handle and also the Spalding logo still very legible on the blade. Most sticks were marked on the blade and with minimal use the maker's marking would wear off. This wonderful vintage hockey stick has remained in exceptional EX-MT condition. The stick is solid and without any cracking. The surface is clean and smooth with an ideal patina. These 19th century hockey sticks are exceedingly rare and this one is an EX-MT beauty! SOLD

Scarce 1910’s Hockey Tobacco Felt for Oregon College

ITEM 4: Here we offer a very scarce 1910’s Hockey Tobacco Felt for Oregon College. This exceptional vintage hockey felt was issued as a premium by Fatima or possibly another of the leading tobacco companies during this time. It is a beautiful representation of hockey at Oregon College. It features the Oregon Agricultural College seal at center and the border shows crossed vintage hockey sticks and pucks. It measures 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/4 inches. An attractive and colorful antique hockey collectable that will display nicely among your vintage hockey memorabilia. Price $125

Vintage Hockey Goalie Pads - 1920's

ITEM 5: Offered here is a very scarce pair of 1920’s Hockey Goalie Pads. They are very high quality pads made of an olive colored buckskin. Vintage goalie pads are exceptionally rare and this pair is a solid EX-MT example. They are very substantial with slatted guards above the knee and very heavy padding at the shin area. The condition is exceptional, solid EX-MT. An impressive centerpiece to your vintage hockey display or collection. SOLD

Vintage Hockey Shin Guards - 1930's

ITEM 6: Offered here is a very uncommon pair of 1930’s Hockey Shin Guards. Vintage hockey shinguards are tough to locate. They are a very high quality pair with all the original straps and buckles in place. They are very similar in construction to baseball shinguards from the same era, but without the protection for the top of the foot. An unusual opportunity to add a great pair of antique hockey shinguards to your collection! The condition is exceptional, solid EX-MT. Price $175

Vintage Hockey Gloves - 1940's

ITEM 7: Here we are offering a handsome pair of vintage hockey gloves. This fine looking pair is the model G30 made by The Pro from Canada. They are high quality gloves and feature two color leather construction. White stitching looks great and contrasts nicely with the brown and black leather. This wonderful pair of high quality antique hockey gloves will look fantastic in your vintage hockey display. The condition is EX-MT. SOLD

1940’s Monarch Hockey Puck MINT in the Original Box

ITEM 8: 1940’s Monarch Hockey Puck MINT in the Original Box. Vintage hockey memorabilia continues to become more and more desirable. This wonderful puck remains in unused MINT condition and is complete with its original box. SOLD

1930’s Lace-Up Hockey Jersey

ITEM 9: The offered antique hockey item is a 1930’s Lace-Up Hockey Jersey. Vintage hockey memorabilia continues to become more and more desirable and pieces like this stunning jersey will add great color to any vintage hockey collection. The purple body and gold striping and details makes an ideal combination. This is a scarce lace-up style with the original lace still intact. The back has the number 8 sewn on in gold felt and the condition is wonderful EX-MT! SOLD

1940’s Vintage Hockey Jersey

ITEM 10: 1940’s Vintage Hockey Jersey. This is a wonderful vintage hockey jersey from the 1940's. Vintage hockey jerseys are rare and very difficult to find in decent condition. This one is a blazer! The colors are vibrant and bright having a gold background with deep purple stripes and detail. With note to small area of what appears to be probably blood, (I guess they were dropping the gloves even way back then) the jersey remains in gorgeous EX-MT to NR-MT condition! Price $250

1930-1940's Vintage Hockey Jersey

ITEM 11: Offered here is a 1930-1940’s Vintage Hockey Jersey. This exceptional, antique hockey jersey is an unusual style which features the team name on the front in a circular applique Also of an interesting note is the lace up style collar. We are not familiar with the team La Joyeux Troubadours but the mascot appears to be an elf type figure. All said, a great antique hockey collectible with a very rare design and great look! The condition is EX-MT. Price $350

1930-40’s Vintage Hockey Skates

ITEM 12: 1930-40’s Vintage Hockey Skates. As vintage hockey memorabilia continues to become more and more desirable we offer this exceptional pair of vintage hockey skates. They have an awesome appearance with the two-tone light brown and black leather upon the shiny silver skate blades. These vintage hockey skates remain in stunning NR-MT condition and would make a unique and interesting addition to any vintage hockey display! Price $175

Jean Béliveau signed Canadians Pennant plus others

ITEM 12: This is a great group lot of 8 vintage hockey items. The items are as follows: Jean Beliveau autographed Montreal Canadians hockey pennant, signed Jean Beliveau #4, the pennant is full sized. 1976 Canada Cup program with ticket stub attached to inside page. Signed images of the following players: Marcel Dionne, Ed Giacomin, Alex Delvecchio, Frank Mahovlich, Dennis Hull and a Washington Capitals goalie whose name appears to be Rod Lou. A nice grouping or starter collection of vintage hockey memorabilia and autographs. Price $250

Vintage Hockey Goalie Glove - 1950's

ITEM 13: Here we offer a 1950-60’s Vintage Hockey Goalie Glove made by Wilson. Vintage goaltender hockey equipment is super rare and this is an exceptional example of a vintage hockey goalie glove. This is a professional quality goalie glove. The leather is high quality and the construction is solid. A wonderful display piece and the condition is EX-MT to NR-MT. What an eye catching addition to a vintage hockey memorabilia collection this will make! SOLD

Vintage Hockey Mask 1950-60's

ITEM 14: Here we are offering a wonderful vintage hockey mask that dates from the 1950-60’s. The mask was made by Winn-Well and has a cloth patch located at the intersection of straps on the back. Any early hockey mask is to be considered scarce. Which stands to reason, due to the very limited number of goalies and even fewer who chose to wear a mask, whether it was available or not. This fine mask is among the the earliest masks used in hockey. The protection was very minimal but it's what was available at the time. This fine antique hockey mask remains in EX-MT condition. A scarce opportunity to add a real rarity to your antique hockey collection! Price $350

1900-10’s Spalding Official Hockey Puck

ITEM 15: 1900-10’s Spalding “Official National League ” Hockey Puck. This is an exceptional early hockey puck. Unbelievably, the Spalding Official National League paper label still remains attached on the puck and is very readable. The puck itself does show some hard time on the ice but has loads of character and displays very nicely. Additionally, the sides of the puck are embossed with the Spalding logo and the word "OFFICIAL." An awesome item for the vintage hockey collector! SOLD

1939-40 Syracuse Stars AHL Mini-Hockey Stick Signed by 15 Players

ITEM 11: 1939-40 Syracuse Stars AHL Mini-Hockey Stick Signed by 15 Players. This unique, vintage hockey stick measures about 14 inches long and features 15 hand signed autographs from the 1939-40 Syracuse Stars AHL Hockey Team. The signatures remain in wonderful condition and include many star players like Norm Locking the AHL leading scorer. Also included are three other players from the top ten league leading scorers; Max Bennett, Eddie Convey and Jacques Toupin. A wonderful item for the antique hockey collector! The condition is solid NR-MT! SOLD

Vintage Hockey Goalie Mask 1950's

ITEM 13: 1950’s Vintage Hockey Goalie Mask made by Cooper. Vintage goaltender hockey masks are super rare and this one is exceptional. It's among the earliest masks known to the sport and remains in superb condition with all straps and buckles intact. Protective gear for the goalie in hockey has come a long way, very quickly! It's difficult to imagine that this style of mask offered much protection, particularly compared to the masks of today. It shows the perfect amount of use and remains in solid EX-MT condition. What an eye catching addition to a vintage hockey memorabilia collection this will make! SOLD

1910’s Hockey Puck MINT in the Original Box

ITEM 17: This is a 1910’s Hockey Puck MINT in the Original Box that was made by the Seamless Rubber Company out of New Haven, CT. This is a very rare, vintage hockey puck that comes in the original box that has housed it for the last century. The antique puck has never been used and remains in MINT condition. It has embossed markings that read "OFFICIAL" on one side and feature the company logo on the other... the markings remain unscathed. The original box adds the final touch and grades VG-EX. A scarce opportunity to add a real rarity to your vintage hockey collection! SOLD

Vintage Hockey Shorts - 1910's

ITEM 18: Offered here is a very scarce pair of 1910’s Hockey Shorts. They are very high quality shorts with built in padding at the hips, waist and tailbone. They also feature slatted guards at the bottom, front of each thigh. They lace up the front and also feature a unique lacing system on both sides of the waist to secure the shorts in place. All the laces are original. Located on the left thigh is a team patch as shown in the image above. Surprisingly, these high quality shorts have no indication of the maker. The condition is exceptional, solid EX-MT. SOLD

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