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Vintage Sports Memorabilia


Antique Sports Memorabilia

Patented 1907 White Leather Handball Gloves

ITEM 1: Here we have an exceptional pair of vintage handball gloves. This extremely old pair was made by Hanover and features a Patent Date of November 8, 1907. They exhibit very little wear with the right showing slightly more wear than the left but neither shows much and all the markings are completely legible. They are made of high quality white leather and they appear much more "white" than the above images indicate. Another scarce item for the vintage sports equipment collector. Price $250

1912 Track and Field Shot Put - Spalding

ITEM 2: Here we are offering a Vintage Brass Shot Put that was made by the A. G. Spalding and Brothers Sporting Goods Company. This is a very unusual and scarce antique track and field shot put that weighs 12 pounds! The Spalding logo has been deeply stamped into the brass, along with the patent date of August 12, 1912. The shot put is very similar in size to today's standard softball. It remains in beautiful condition, with an ideal patina. This is the first of these that we have handled! A scarce and novel addition to any vintage sports collection. SOLD

1910-20’s Vintage Soccer Shoes with stacked leather cleats

ITEM 3: Here we have an exceptional pair of vintage soccer shoes that date from the 1910's. The stacked leather cleats are very interesting. The cleats are actually made of two or three "discs" of sole leather that are stacked on top of each other and nailed together and into the bottom of the shoe, pretty amazing! These antique soccer shoes remain in outstanding condition. It appears that they may have never been worn. They are of the highest quality construction and have remained in exceptional condition. Another scarce item for the vintage sports equipment collector. Price $250

1920’s Ken-Wel Laced Volleyball

ITEM 4: Here we are offering the finest vintage volleyball that we have handled to date. It was made by Ken-Wel sporting goods manufacturers from Ithica, New York in the 1920's. The volleyball is an interesting shade of green, unfinished leather... similar to a suede or perhaps buckskin. It was found in it's original box with the original laces. The Ken-Wel model V352 has been inflated and holds are perfectly, making for an impressive display alongside the original Ken-Wel box. The condition of the ball is NR-MT and the box is excellent. It's a very uncommon item and wonderful piece to add to your vintage sports collection! Price $400

1930 - 1940’s Laced Volleyball made by Wilson

ITEM 8: Here we are offering an unusual Vintage Laced Volleyball that dates from the late 1930's, early 1940's. This antique volleyball was made by the Wilson Sporting Goods Company. It features very strong markings which include the Wilson logo and model number 42RV-G. An additional stamping of "USA" is also on the ball, which is in the same style as was used when sending sports equipment to the servicemen during World War II. This laced volleyball is an exceptional example from the era, as it remains in solid NR-MT condition with all of the original laces. A new bladder has been installed so it holds air perfectly! Price $225

1940’s Laceless Leather Soccer Ball made by MacGregor GoldSmith

ITEM 8: Here we are offering a very scarce and unusual LACELESS Leather Soccer Ball made by the MacGregor GoldSmith Sporting Goods Company. This fine vintage soccer ball is among the first designs to be offered without laces. MacGregor GoldSmith is credited with the first laceless basketball which then led to the production of soccer balls, volleyballs and the like, also without laces. This is why the "Laceless logo" reads, "The Original Laceless." This antique soccer ball, their model L10, was their top-of-the-line, and most expensive made by the MacGregeor GoldSmith Sporting Goods Company. Strong markings, supple leather and a newly installed bladder make for a fantastic example from this era! This exceptional EX-MT vintage soccer ball possesses a striking appearance and ideal patina! SOLD

1920’s Michigan University Letter Sweater for Cross Country

ITEM 5: Offered here we have a 1910-20’s Michigan University Letter Sweater for Cross Country. This vintage letter Sweater was made by O’shea, a leading manufacturer of high quality sportswear. The runner’s name is chain stitched into the waist. A very rare sweater in exceptional EX-MT condition! SOLD

Turn of the Century Medicine Ball with Baseball Stitch Pattern

ITEM 5: Offered here we have a Very Unusual, Early 1900’s Baseball Style Medicine Ball. While this vintage medicine ball is not a baseball item persae, it features the same figure-eight stitch pattern as a vintage baseball and will look amazing in an antique baseball collection or vintage sports display!  This antique medicine ball weighs four pounds and is approximately the size of a basketball. The cover is a suede buckskin and the condition is solid EX-MT! SOLD

1920’s Penny Arcade Grip Strength Test Machine made by Gottlieb

ITEM 6: Offered here is a 1920’s Penny Arcade Grip Strength Test Machine made by Gottlieb. The condition is original and as found. This is a 1 Cent Gottlieb Counter-Top Grip Strength Tester Arcade Machine from the 1920's. It is made of cast iron and steel and features decals on both sides with strongman graphics that read "Are You Strong Or Weak" - "Test Your Grip." The penny coin slot and the hand grip work. When a penny is placed in the slot and the handles are squeezed together, the indicator moves inside the window. It has a wonderful patina, as the above images indicate. This is a great machine for the collector of Penny Arcades, strength or strongman memorabilia, etc... SOLD

1924 Lacrosse Photo from Yale University

ITEM 7: This is an uncommon vintage lacrosse piece, as well as early Yale University Item. A wonderful team photograph of the Yale Lacrosse Team, Circa. 1924. The photo features many vintage lacrosse sticks as well as a great pair of early pads worn by the goalie. Also, it is very large, measuring 10” x 13.5” and exhibits ideal contrast and clarity. Antique lacrosse items are scarce and this is an exceptional piece with the connection to Yale and the Ivy League. The condition is solid EX-MT! SOLD

1930’s Leather Laced Soccer Ball made by GoldSmith

ITEM 8: Here we are offering a 1930’s Leather Laced Soccer Ball. This fine vintage soccer ball was made by the GoldSmith Sporting Goods Company. Soccer is finally becoming more and more popular in the United States and this beautiful antique soccer ball is a great item for any soccer enthusiast or vintage sports collector. It holds air and maintains it's spherical shape perfectly. This exceptional EX-MT example possesses a striking appearance and ideal patina! SOLD

1920-30’s Vintage Soccer Game

ITEM 9: 1920-30’s Vintage Soccer Game. This is an unusual vintage soccer game. The game is entitled Foot-Ball but is, to Americans, soccer. The box is extremely colorful with great soccer graphics. It was made in Germany and measures 8 1/4"x11". It is entirely complete with the exception of the marble. On the inside of the game is the playing field which is also very colorful.. A really great display item and an excellent way to bring color to your vintage sports memorabilia collection. The condition is EX-MT to NR-MT! SOLD

1910 Columbia University Figural Track Trophy

ITEM 10: 1910 Columbia University Figural Track Trophy. This wonderful trophy features on it's surface, an exquisitely detailed image of a vintage track and field athlete in a running pose. The award was presented in 1910 at the Indoor Relay Carnival which was held at Columbia University. The trophy was made by Dieges and Clust, perhaps the finest trophy manufacturer during this time. A great addition to your Ivy League or vintage sports memorabilia collection! The condition is solid NR-MT. SOLD

1915 Track and Field Day Pennant from Kutztown PA

ITEM 11: 1915 Track and Field Day Pennant from Kutztown PA, likely an event held by Kutztown College. The offered vintage track and field day pennant features a gorgeous multi-color graphic of a runner in period athletic attire. Early track and field items are extremely scarce and this stunning example remains in very excellent condition! SOLD

“Antique Sports Uniforms and Equipment” Price Guide and Informational Book

ITEM 12: “Antique Sports Uniforms and Equipment” Price Guide and Informational Book. The offered book is very well done by three long time sports memorabilia collectors. It features 174 full color pages packed with great collecting knowledge and insight, and even a price guide. A great reference and a "must have" for all collectors of vintage sports memorabilia! Price $50

Turn of the Century Wool Bathing Suit

ITEM 13: Turn of the Century Wool Bathing Suit. This unique and very early bathing suit is of a green and gold wool with an "all-in-one" attached black under garment. A novel piece of vintage sports equipment sure to generate some interesting conversation. A fine example from this era that remains in excellent condition! SOLD

1908 Track and Field Trophy St. Lawrence College

ITEM 2: Here we are offering a one hundred and ten year old, track and field trophy from the year of 1908. This fine vintage trophy cup was presented by St. Lawrence College for the 100 yard dash to L.F. Tebbutt. The silver cup stands over seven inches tall and remains in beautiful condition, with an ideal patina. An ornate marking on the bottom includes "London & Sheffield." A fine vintage trophy cup, from over a century ago. SOLD

Patented 1926 Ken-Wel Handball Gloves

ITEM 14: Patented 1926 Ken-Wel Handball Gloves. Often mistaken for an unusual baseball glove design, these antique leather gloves are actually vintage handball gloves. They have a great appearance and are of high quality construction. The padding in the palm is a raised swirl of soft and supple leather. The Ken-Wel cloth patch is perfectly intact as is the patent information. The condition is exceptional, NR-MT! SOLD

1920’s Sportcraft Field Hockey Stick

ITEM 15: 1920’s Sportcraft Field Hockey Stick. This antique wooden field hockey stick was made by Sportcraft in the 1920's. This high quality stick is their "Wembley" model which was used at the collegiate level. A fine item for the collector of unusual antique sports items. The condition is EX-MT! SOLD

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