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Vintage Sports Pennants


Antique Sports Pennants

1930's - 1940's New York Yankees Baseball Pennant

ITEM 1: This vintage New York Yankees baseball pennant features a colorful image of Yankee Stadium (the house that Ruth built) and white lettering on a Yankee blue felt background. It is a 3/4 size pennant and remains in wonderful NR-MT condition. A wonderful piece of baseball history! SOLD

1940's Brooklyn Dodgers Pennant

ITEM 2: Offered here is a scarcely encountered vintage 1940's Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Pennant. Typical to it's age, the pennant is of the 3/4 size variety. The condition is exceptional with no apparent damage and great color. A gorgeous pennant and great addition for the vintage baseball pennant collector or Brooklyn Dodgers fan. SOLD

1941 Brooklyn Dodgers National League Champions Pennant

ITEM 3: The offered antique baseball pennant is an extremely rare 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers National League Champions Pennant. This is a very desirable piece of Brooklyn Dodgers memorabilia and it is just outstanding! This full sized Brooklyn blue felt remains crisp and clean with an atypical image of the Brooklyn Bum - he is shown with bat in hand while puffing his cigar. The condition is exceptional, grading solid NR-MT. SOLD

1941 Boston Braves Baseball Pennant

ITEM 4: The offered antique baseball felt pennant is of a very uncommon variety. It dates to circa 1941 and remains in sensational condition. The baseball graphic is wonderful. Featuring what appears to be a very early version on the "Chief Wahoo" mascot which was later adopted by the Cleveland Indians. The soft felt pennant possesses exceptional condition and grades solid NR-MT. SOLD

1941 Pittsburgh Pirates Felt Pennant

ITEM 5: Here we have a very unusual Pittsburgh Pirates pennant which dates to circa 1941. This antique baseball pennant shows a wonderfully unique Pittsburgh Pirates graphic to the left of "Pittsburgh"... a very unusual design! This vintage beauty possesses wonderful eye appeal and remains in solid EX-MT condition. SOLD


1949 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Baseball Pennant - RARE

ITEM 6: This is a very RARE 1949 Pittsburgh Pirates Pennant. This wonderful antique pennant features the scattered names and numbers of every player on the team for the 1949 season. The likes of which include: Ralph Kiner, Clyde McCullough, Phil Masi, Danny Murtaugh, Vic Lombardi, Elmer Riddle, Bob Muncrief, Harry Gumbert, Hugh Casey, Rip Sewell, Dixie Walker, MINT. SOLD

1960ís California Angels Baseball Pennant

ITEM 7: Here we are offering a vintage 1960ís California Angels Baseball Pennant. This is a very uncommon style which features the batting Angel baseball graphic in gold, on a navy blue background. This antique baseball pennant came in a small collection of pennants that were maintained in immaculate condition. This one grades solid MINT. SOLD

1940’s Milwaukee Braves Felt Baseball Pennant

ITEM 8: This is an unusual Milwaukee Braves baseball pennant that dates from the 1940's. The unique coloration of red, white and blue makes for an uncommon and striking display. Featured to the left of the words Milwaukee Braves is a beautiful Native American adorned in a full head dress of feathers. This exceptional antique pennant is full sized at 28 inches in length. The background is blue felt and it remains in solid NR-MT condition! SOLD

1940’s Detroit Tigers Felt Pennant

ITEM 9: 1940’s Detroit Tigers Felt Pennant. This exceptional vintage baseball pennant features a great tiger graphic for the Detroit Tigers professional baseball team. This fine example is full sized at 28 inches in length. The background is orange felt and it remains in solid NR-MT condition! SOLD

1935 World Series Pennant

ITEM 1: 1935 World Series Pennant. This is an EXTREMELY RARE and very sought after vintage baseball pennant. It commemorates the World Series of 1935 between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers. This World Series was won by the Detroit Tigers in six games despite losing the services of Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg in game 2 when he collided with his catcher Gabby Hartnett and broke his wrist... AND the fill-ins for Greenberg, Marv Owen and Flea Clifton went a dismal 1 for 36 at the plate. The pennant remains in solid EX-MT condition with a perfect tip! A wonderful piece of baseball history! SOLD

1937 Detroit Tigers Pennant

ITEM 2: Offered here is a scarcely encountered 1937 Detroit Tigers Pennant. The Tigers were not World Series Champs this year but the pennant is a gorgeous souvenir from the season. The full size pennant features a multi-color Tiger with crossed baseball bats and a baseball below and is of course dated 1937. The condition is exceptional with no apparent damage and great color. A very scarce pennant and great addition for the vintage baseball pennant collector or Detroit Tigers fan. SOLD

1935 Detroit Tigers Full Size Pennant, Extremely Rare

ITEM 3: The offered item is a 1935 Detroit Tigers Felt Pennant. This extraordinary vintage baseball pennant is dated 1935 and is considered extremely rare! The colors are bold and bright with not the slightest hint of fading. Complete with the original end tassels, the overall condition is solid NR-MT! SOLD

1940’s Green Bay Packers Pennant

ITEM 7: 1940’s Green Bay Packers Pennant. This is an unordinary Green Bay Packers football pennant that remains in beautiful NR-MT condition! It is a full size pennant and features full color football graphics and the original tassels. SOLD

1940’s San Francisco 49ers Football Pennant

ITEM 8: 1940’s San Francisco 49ers Football Pennant. This gorgeous pennant features a period football quarterback readied to pass the pigskin. A very rare football graphic. The pennant is a very rare and desirable version and the condition is MINT! SOLD

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