1870 - 1880’s Wright & Ditson Lawn Tennis Box

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This is an exceptional 1870 - 1880’s Wright & Ditson Lawn Tennis Box. This amazing, antique lawn tennis box was designed by the Wright & Ditson Sporting Goods Company from Boston Mass. It would have held a complete lawn tennis kit which likely would have included two or four rackets, the net, the posts and stakes to assemble the net, and possibly a few lawn tennis balls. Those items are long gone but the box with the original paper lithograph label has remained. As evidenced by the above images, the condition is astonishingly excellent, especially for an item of this vintage. The handles on the box each have the following patent information: PATD NOV 9, 1869. Wright & Ditson was founded in 1871 by George Wright, who played with both the Cincinnati and Boston Red Stockings and is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and Harry Ditson who was a successful businessman from Boston. The box measures 6 1/2"x 12"x 38" and the paper lithograph measures 11"x 14" and advertises FINE LAWN TENNIS. Horsman was based in New York City and was the first American maker of lawn tennis equipment. This exquisite antique tennis box makes for a solid foundation upon which to build any vintage tennis collection!

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