1940’s Laceless Leather Soccer Ball made by MacGregor GoldSmith

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Here we are offering a very scarce and unusual LACELESS Leather Soccer Ball made by the MacGregor GoldSmith Sporting Goods Company. This fine vintage soccer ball is among the first designs to be offered without laces. MacGregor GoldSmith is credited with the first laceless basketball which then led to the production of soccer balls, volleyballs and the like, also without laces. This is why the "Laceless logo" reads, "The Original Laceless." This antique soccer ball, their model L10, was their top-of-the-line, and most expensive made by the MacGregeor GoldSmith Sporting Goods Company. Strong markings, supple leather and a newly installed bladder make for a fantastic example from this era! This exceptional EX-MT vintage soccer ball possesses a striking appearance and ideal patina!

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