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Vintage Spalding Football Tin Chocolate Mold - 1920’s

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Here we are offering a very unusual piece of vintage football memorabilia in the form of a 1910 - 1920’s era vintage Spalding football tin chocolate mold. It could have also been an ice cream mold, but it would have been difficult to capture the fine details of the mold with ice cream. The tin mold is in the shape of a vintage melon style football, and measures 4 inches across the football The details include the vintage Spalding logo, as well as the stitching and lacing on the football. Additionally the word “Rockwoods” is embossed above the Spalding logo. This would have likely been the company or organization that had the mold created. Possibly a one of a kind item, certainly a very scarce and novel antique football collectible in the least. A great addition to your vintage sports memorabilia collection! Please call directly with any questions or concerns.

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