1978-80 USC Trojans signed Wilson Football, Ronnie Lott, Keith Van Horne, Jeff Fisher

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Here we are offering an exceptional 1978-80 USC Trojans signed Football. The football was made by Wilson and carries 40 signatures of members of the 1978, 1979 and 1980 teams. The football remains in excellent condition, holds air and features the University of Southern California Trojans logo. Some of the signatures on the football are light but we were able to decipher the large majority. Signers include many NFL players and College All-Americans. The list includes Ray Butler, Allen Pugh #75, Ricky Johnson, Mike McDonald, Marc Mitchell, Roy Foster, Jay Champlain #44, Gordon Adams, Chris Foote, Rob Kerr, Jeff Fisher(NFL Coach), Rob Preston, Keith Van Horne (1985 Super Bowl Champ with Chicago Bears), Lott #42 (Ronnie Lott, 49ers Super Bowl Champ and Hall of Famer), Andy #67, Jeff Simmons, Pat Howell, Gary Cobb, Ty Sperling, John Perry, Kevin Williams, Calvin Sweeny (Super Bowl Champ with Pittsburgh Steelers), Otis Page, Chip Banks, David Allison, Tony Olivarria, Byron Darby, Charles Ussery, Ken Moore, Jeff Haught, Kenneth Jordan, Riki Gray, August Curly, James Hunter, Brad Flanders, Cookie #76 and a couple are too light. Some great names here! The 1978 team was 12-1 and were National Champions. 1979 the team was 11-0-1 and PAC 10 Champions and ranked 2nd. In 1980 the team was 8-2 and finished ranked 11th. A great ball for the USC football fan or vintage football collector!

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