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1900-1905 Reach, White Leather, Full Web Baseball Glove
1900-1905 Reach, White Leather, Full Web, Baseball Fielder’s Glove: This incredible, vintage baseball glove pretty much has it all going on. The condition is stunning, it is of the highest with a full leather lining and piping, and the Reach cloth patch and shiny button are without flaws. This was a top quality glove 100+ years ago when it was sold and it still is today. A wonderful addition to consider for your vintage baseball glove collection! Click on the image to go there now!
Vintage Baseball Memorabilia
vintage baseball memorabilia
Lou Gehrig Baseball Bat with Pennant: View this Lou Gehrig baseball bat and other baseball memorabilia by clicking the image above!
Antique Laced Basketball
vintage basketball
1930's Laced Basketball made by Denkert: This vintage laced basketball remains in beautiful near-mint condition. Click the image above to view it and other antique basketball equipment now!
1910 - 1920's Baseball in Box
vintage baseballs
1910 - 1920 ’s Red and Black Stitched Davega “Official League” Baseball in the Original Box: Find a huge variety of vintage baseballs including this 1910's Davega in the Original Box, for sale by browsing our vintage baseball section.
1920 - 1930 Leather Football Helmet
Vintage Leather Football Helmet made by Rawlings: This fine Rawlings two-tone leather football helmet and many other antique leather football helmets can be found by clicking on the image above.
Antique Football Jersey and Pants
vintage football jersey
1930 - 1940's Football Jersey and Pants: View this exceptional vintage Football Jersey and Pants by clicking on this picture.
Vintage Baseball Uniforms
1920's Vintage Baseball Sweater: View this amazing baseball sweater and other vintage baseball jerseys and uniforms by clicking on the above image.
1935 World Series Pennant 1937 Detroit Tigers Pennant

vintage baseball pennants
Vintage Baseball Pennants: Find these antique baseball pennants and many others sports pennants by clicking on the image above.

1930’s Vintage Basketball Uniform
antique basketball
Vintage Basketball Uniform Dating from the Era of the 1930's: Find this exceptional, early and complete basketball uniform and others by clicking on the above image.
Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat
vintage baseball bats
Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat: Click on the above image to have a look at our fine selection of vintage Louisville Slugger player model and other antique baseball bats.
Vintage Football Memorabilia
antique football memorabilia
1910 Cornell University Football Pillow Cover done by F. Earl Christy: This item can be viewed by clicking on the above image... and view our large variety of old football memorabilia too!
Football Nose Guard
leather football helmet
19th Century "Bat - Wing" Style Nose Guard made by Victor under Morrill’s 1891 patent: View this and other vintage football equipment by clicking on the image above!
1890's Baseball Pillbox Cap from Harvard University
pillbox baseball cap
1890's Harvard University Pillbox Baseball Cap: The Pilllbox style baseball cap is coveted by virtually every vintage baseball collector. This one is amazing!
1910 Baseball Advertising Fan
antique baseball memorablia
1910 Baseball Advertising Fan: This piece of vintage baseball advertising comes in the form of a very unique, 1910 Baseball Advertising Fan featuring 16 player and manager images to include Lajoie, Chase, Griffith, Chance, Clarke, Bresnahan. This exceptional vintage sports item, includes a beautiful full color litho advertising fan attached to it's original wooden handle.
Official National League Baseball made by Reach
antique baseball
Reach Official National League Baseball: Click on the above vintage baseball to view our entire selection of antique baseballs!
Vintage Baseball Catcher's Mask
vintage baseball catchers mask
1890’s Baseball Catcher’s Mask: Clicking on the above antique baseball catcher's mask will take you to our selection of antique catcher's equipment and masks.
Vintage Baseball Cap
1950 - 1960's Vintage Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Cap: This is a fine Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Cap. It can be purchased by clicking on the image above where you can also view additional antique baseball caps.
Antique Baseball Memorabilia
vintage baseball memorabilia
1947 World Series Ticket Stub: You will find this 1947 World Series Ticket Stub and a wonderful selection of antique baseball items in our vintage baseball memorabilia section!
Vintage Hockey Memorabilia
vintage hockey memorabilia
1910's Hockey Puck, MINT in the Original Box: This vintage hockey puck can be purchased by clicking on the above image and viewing our vintage hockey memorabilia.
Antique Baseball Glove - Baseman's Mitt
vintage baseball glove
1908 Baseball Mitt made by A. J. Reach Sporting Goods Company : Our fine selection of vintage baseball gloves and mitts can be found by clicking on the above antique baseball glove.
Vintage Football Memorabilia
1920's Folk Art Carving of Staffordshire Dog with Vintage Football: This unique piece of vintage football memorabilia is an exceptional representation from this era. Click the above image to view additional antique football items.
Leather Football Helmet
antique football helmet
Vintage Football Helmet with Unique Rubber Facemask: Click above to visit our Vintage Football Helmet category which features a nice selection of leather football helmets from many different eras.

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