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Sports Memorabilia - Baseball Memorabilia

from Antique Athlete

Turn of the Century Baseball Catcherís Mask

Rare Turn of the Century Birdcage-Style Catcherís Mask:
Among the first styles of face protection, this is known as a "birdcage" style mask because it is made of wire that is held together only by bends and clips, predating those with welds or soldering. The quality is exceptional and it remains in wonderful EX-MT condition. This fine vintage catcher's mask will make for an impressive display among your antique baseball collection!
Antique Baseball Gloves
vintage baseball memorabilia
Turn of the Century Baseball Glove: View this Reach crescent padded baseball glove and other vintage baseball gloves by clicking the image above!
Antique Laced Basketball
vintage basketball
1930's Leather Laced Basketball: This unusual laced basketball features an ideal patina and remains in exceptional condition. Click the image above to view all of our antique basketball equipment!
Antique Baseball MINT in Box
vintage baseballs
1930 - 1940ís Official League Baseball MINT in Box: Find this scarce vintage baseball in it's original box and our entire assortment of antique baseballs for sale by clicking above.
Antique Leather Football Helmet
1930 - 1940's Vintage Leather Football Helmet: This high quality vintage leather football helmet was made by Geo. A Reach. It and others can be found by clicking on the image above.
Antique Football Jersey
vintage football jersey
1940-50’s Champion Brand Football Jersey: View this fine antique football jersey made by Champion Knitwear in the 1940 - 1950's, along with other high quality vintage football items by clicking here.
Vintage Baseball Uniforms
1930 - 1940's EBENEZER baseball uniform: View this antique baseball jersey and other vintage baseball jerseys and uniforms by clicking above.
1910's Bucknell Football Pennant and 1930's Navy

vintage baseball pennants
Vintage Pennants from colleges, universities and all professional sports: Find these antique college pennants and many others sports pennants by clicking on the image above.

Antique Basketball Uniforms
antique basketball
1910 - 1920's Vintage Basketball Uniform: Find this exceptional 1910's early and complete basketball uniform made by Draper & Maynard, and others by clicking on the above image.
Ted Williams Baseball Bat w/ Boston Red Sox Pennant
vintage baseball bats
1940’s Ted Williams Souvenir Baseball Bat with Boston Red Sox Pennant: Click on the above image to have a look at our fine selection of vintage baseball memorabilia.
1930s Basketball Knee Pads
antique football memorabilia
1930's Lowe and Campbell Basketball Knee Pads in the Original Box: These vintage basketball knee pads and a large variety of vintage basketball equipment can be viewed by clicking on the image.
1951 Major League All Stars Tour of Japan Program
leather football helmet
1951 Baseball All Stars Tour of Japan Program: View this scarce program and all of our vintage baseball memorabilia by clicking on the image above!
1900-1910 Antique Baseball Bats
pillbox baseball cap
1900-1910 Antique Baseball Bats: View these fine vintage bats and many other vintage baseball bats by clicking on the image above. View also professional game used bats.
Jim Thorpe Signed Postcard
antique baseball memorablia
1951 Jim Thorpe Signed Postcard from the opening of Henry Modellís Sporting Goods Store in Newark, NJ:
This is a Jim Thorpe Signed Postcard from the opening of Henry Modellís Sporting Goods Store in Newark, NJ.†As a one day event in 1951, for the opening of a sporting goods store, this was a short print for this postcard.. Thorpe signed and dated the back. This item originates directly from a New Jersey gentleman who attended the event and had the postcard signed in person.
1900ís ROCKET Baseball made by Diamond Brand
antique baseball
1900’s ROCKET model Baseball made by Diamond Brand: Click on the above antique baseball to view our entire selection of vintage baseballs!
Antique Tennis Trophy
vintage baseball catchers mask
1900's Vintage Tennis Trophy made by Pairpoint: Clicking on the above antique tennis trophy will take you to our selection of antique tennis memorabilia.
Vintage Baseball Cap
1910’s Short Brim Baseball Cap: This is a fine example of a 1910’s Short Brim Baseball Cap. It can be purchased by clicking on the image above where you can also view additional antique baseball caps.
Antique Baseball Memorabilia
vintage baseball memorabilia
1956 World Series Ticket Game 5: You will find this 1956 Don Larsen Perfect Game Ticket and a fine selection of antique baseball items in our vintage baseball memorabilia section!
Carter Hoffman College Mascot
vintage hockey memorabilia
1950's Wooden College Mascot made by Anri: This University of Illinois college mascot can be purchased by clicking on the above image and viewing our Anri and Carter Hoffman college mascots.
Antique Baseball Chest Protector
vintage baseball glove
1910-20’s Spalding Baseball Chest Protector: Our fine selection of vintage baseball catcher's equipment can be found by clicking on the image above.
Vintage Basketball Jersey
Rare 1920's Antique Basketball Jersey: This unique vintage WOODSTOCK basketball jersey is an exceptional representation from this era.
1920's Spalding Basketball Shoes
antique football helmet
Vintage basketball shoes made by the A. G. Spalding Company : Click on the image above to visit our Vintage Basketball Uniforms.

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